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Kompetenzorientierter Sprachunterricht
Date du début: 5 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 4 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Today’s Europe stands out for its closely connected global market and intercultural cooperation. The Vienna Business School Akademiestraße (VBS) aims to convey this idea to its students. Therefore, well-educated and open-minded teachers who are interested in their further education are needed in order to guarantee the high quality training for their learners. Moreover, cultural diversity should be promoted and through the improved language proficiency and learning methodology a higher teaching quality will be established. First of all, the project „kompetenzorientierter Sprachunterricht“ will start with the teacher training course held at the Bridge Mills Galway Language Centre and the language school in Nizza. The main focus of the courses will be to enhance the language and teaching skills of the participants. Both, pronunciation and teaching methodology will be improved. Furthermore, the use of new media and technologies in the interactive language classroom will be covered. In addition, both language schools have planned additional social and cultural activities to give the participants of the teacher training the possibility to establish sustainable connection with collegues from all over the world which also helps to improve the language skills. Secondly, staying abroad will give the participants the opportunity to establish new sustainable contacts with colleagues to plan future school projects and to promote the exchange of ideas. Subsequently, the eTwinning platform will be used afterwards as it helps to connect with other schools on an international level. Furthermore, the newly acquired knowledge will be exchanged in the English and French faculty project group of the VBS. Thirdly, the gained experience abroad and the new theoretical input will enable the participants to actively participate at the development of the school syllabus for the language classes, the syllabus for competence-based language training at school and future international school projects. To sum up, the training allows the participants to increase their expert knowledge, their soft and hard skills (in relation to language teaching and language proficiency) and their opportunities to increase their possibilities to participate actively at school development. Moreover, cultural diversity and European solidarity are not only seen in theory but are lived and can subsequently be implemented in the own classroom from which the students of the VBS will benefit in the long term.



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