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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project enables learning mobilities for 44 participants in Hungary, Italy and Romania. Training programs depends on their needs and on specific target groups. The need for an exchange of knowledge with foreign colleagues arises from the constant changes in economy, in market; in climate and demography, both in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, as well as in the target regions to be visited in the project. main aimgroup in the project is the training staff. They act as catalysts in working with students and in the development of education systems, companies, institutions. We schedule learning mobilities for trainers of bakery craft and forestry for7 days each, in 3 flows in a group of 12 persons each to Hungary, Italy and Romania. Hungarian receiving partners for trainers from bakeries are Toldi Vocational School in Nagykörös and the Association Polip in Szekszard. German trainers will get specific technical and methodological skills for the production and introduction of new products and the inclusion of minorities in vocational training. The Italian and Romanian partners (Uniser Forli and Forestry Vocational School in Csikszereda) are receiving partners for vocational trainers of the National Forest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The content of the training for these trainers will be the interactions of climate change, water ecology and forest management and their contents in the forestry and hydro-meteorological vocational training. The profession of hydro- meteorologist is unique and is taught in Romania with forestry. Trainers will also deal with inclusion of minorities in vocational training during mobilities in Romania. We schedule also 16-day mobilities for 6 vocational students in Nagykörös (Hungary). They will mainly develop their personality and generally gain specialized knowledge in the bakery and confectioner, which they couldn´t get at their home institution. The third activity is also in school Nagykörös, two 14-day teaching mobilities to deal with underprivileged vocational students of bakers, confectioners and gardeners in project work on various topics. A comprehensive partnership ECVET agreement was closed for the determination of the learning objectives for each target group among all partners. It is the basis for the learning agreements concluded with each individual before the mobilites. Participants will receive the Europass mobility document for recognition of their performance. The German, Hungarian and Italian partners know each other from previous projects. The Romanian partner is a new partner. The network for the internationalization of education in forestry in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and in the food industry is extended to new partners and new requirements. All participants are actively working on the design of networks and promote them. With a strong middle class and a sustainable education, the sparsely populated regions can better maintain. A catalog of good practice examples of the methods in the training of minorities in vocational education and technical and methodological training issues in the interaction of climate change impacts, water management and forestry, as well as the introduction of innovative products in bakeries and confectioners is developed to introduce the results into daily training practice and to present this at institutional, regional and sectorial level. Thus, the cooperation of all the partners in these areas leads to new projects in different areas. European added value was created. Cooperation in the field of the impact of climate change on forest management in education is of course not ignoring the soils. Thus, a contribution will be paid also to the International Year of the soil in 2015, which the United Nations has declared.



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