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Kompetencje cyfrowe nie tylko dla informatyków
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the project "Digital skills not only for IT teachers" there were participated 6 teachers of the Primary School in the municipality of Piecki, Mrągowo County, Warmia & Mazury Region. They were the teachers of classes I-III and IV-VI. By joining the project we wanted to improve our digital skills and then use them in early-school and objective teaching in order to even better support and inspire the pupil and motivate him to creativity in the learning process. We were going to the use of modern digital technologies in collaboration with pupils, teachers, parents and the entire local community. To achieve this aim, we left for a week of training in Finland, which also included visits to two rural schools. The training was held in the Finnish city of Joensuu and was organized by the British company LEAP, specializing in the international improvement of teachers’ skills. During training in Finland we had improved our digital competences, which we implemented later during lessons throughout the school year 2015/16. Since the beginning we were going to gain nationwide Certificate of EPP e-teacher. Using the acquired digital skills, we were in touch with the Finnish and British experts and trainees from other countries, thanks to the joint the Internet platform. The exchange of experiences took place also thanks to private social networks. We were modernizing constantly our workshop using information and communication technology. A major success was winning for the first time Certificates of EPP e- teacher, and the confirmation that we intentionally and effectively use ICT to work with pupils, was evaluation of our presentation on the platform ECDL with gaining maximum number of points. It should be noted that we are the first in the Warmia and Mazury, which won Certificates, which were personally handed to us on a solemn appeal to celebrate the end of the school year 2015/16 by representatives of the Polish Information Processing Society. Participation in the project improved the quality of work in our school, which was noticed by pupils, parents and other teachers. It contributed to increased confidence of participants- we became more open and creative in the use of ICT at work both in school classes, classes outside the classroom, as well as the common room and at home. We are open and ready to take further education and improvement in the international level, as well as language education.