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KOMPASS - Competence Assessment - an innovative instrument for career planning and increasing of employability of Roma

„…They steel like ravens, do not want to work and are a peoples of restless nomads …“ – when we speak about Roma we are quick with prejudices. Even more weight, however, has the fact that they can be mobilised every time what is not only proven by regular riots against the target group but also by their actual living situation. Particularly the disadvantages are visible in the education sector that marks a central field for the social integration and the social rising – especially of such a young population like the one of the Roma. Here a “de facto segregation” exists.Basis for the project was the „EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies until 2020“ that shall make their discrimination-free access to vocational training, to the labour market and to building up their own business possible.The implementation of Competence Balance will enhance their career planning and employment and make those more target-oriented according to the needs of the local/regional labour market linked with the personal pre-conditions of the participants. The Competence Balance after the French Model was adopted and further developed particularly for the target group of Roma within the project. For that existing training material was adopted and modified and Competence Counsellors – multipliers – from Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary were trained. Workshops on the subjects „Profession and Work“ in the single partner countries introduced the adopted Competence Balance and ensured its sustainable use and implementation.



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