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Koçum Benim
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Nowadays, one of the most important problems encountered in education is repeating grades and the other one is early school leaving. Repeating grades and early school leaving are the latest subjects that pedagogues and educational politicians make research and work on to develop policy about. It is seen that the percentages of repeating grades and early school early are above the EU averages. In 2013- 2014 educational year, 206 students repeated their grades in our school which is 15 % of our total number of students. In the same year, 98 students left school and that is % 7,1 of our total number of students. Those percentages reveal how big the problem is. A research made by Ministry of National Education with the help of the technical and financial support provided by UNICEF shows that causes related to school, personal causes, financial situation, peer influence and attitude toward school have important role in affecting repeating grades and early school leaving factors. Our project aims to carry out Student Coaching System in order to reduce the percentages of repeating grades and early school leaving. Coaching can be described as a planned development relationship built between coach and coachee to achieve the goal. The purpose of coaching is to support coachee to achieve the goal established by himself/herself and learn how to deal with problems. It is seen that academic achievement rises and discipline problem decreases in schools that Student Coaching System carried out. It is aimed to remove the causes of repeating grades and early school leaving resulting from school and teacher. However, results of a research made with 50 teachers in our school show that 94 % of our teachers haven’t attended any training about coaching system. This data makes clear that school staff should take coaching training to carry out. For this purpose, 10 teachers are going to take part in “The Coaching System in Schools” in Portugal for 5 days and “Student Coaching Training” in England for 5 days. After completing trainings, every coach is going to provide coaching service to three 9th grade students for three months and the results are going to be reported. The reports are going to be shared with the other teachers in our school. In conclusion, student coaching expertise is going to be established and we are going to achieve our ultimate goals which are decreasing the percentages of repeating grades and early school leaving, reducing the problems of discipline, preventing the substance abuse (drug, alcohol, tobacco), and so it is going to be provided to gain EU aspect in our education quality.