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Knowledge Platform for Transferring Research and Innovation in Footwear Manufacturing
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Knowledge 4Foot (K4F) project aims to contribute at fostering the excellence in training for footwear manufacturing by linking the three areas of education, research and business oriented innovation in order to demonstrate good practices of cooperation and to bridge the worlds of education and work. In order to achieve this aim, the project has following objectives: 1) to set-up a new Knowledge Platform for transferring research and innovation for footwear manufacturing where the HE students will receive project-based training into a virtual environment by simulating all developing stages of the research projects and having as starting point the real identified needs in leather and footwear companies; 2) to develop active collaboration among education, business community and research in order to assess the skills needs on innovation, research, development and technological transfer; 3) to design a common curriculum and related e-learning content which incorporate creative thinking, problem solving approach and project-based learning for virtual internship in a Knowledge Platform for transferring research and innovation. Based on the authentic and adequate needs of both actual business environment and learning and training programs for managers, engineers/technicians and designers in footwear sector, the K4F project will contribute at developing sustainable solutions to attuning curricula for placement/internship in order to develop skills and competencies in area of project-based work focused on research, innovation and technological transfer. Thus, the K4F project will have a significant impact on the development of education and training and it will bring added value at EU level. K4F project will propose, develop, test and evaluate contents and methodological solutions by developing synergies between different fields of higher education and training for educating and training the next generation of managers/ engineers/ technicians/ product and process developers/ high skilled workers that will be able to understand innovation, to perform applied research activities and to transfer the newest technological inputs from research to leather and footwear companies from partner countries and elsewhere in Europe. The virtual internship undertaken by the target group within the framework of the Knowledge Platform for transferring research and innovation in footwear manufacturing will stimulate innovative and creative mindsets of students and trainees, in order to allow for applying their knowledge and research insights. The universities running courses for managers, designers and engineers/technicians will adopt this virtual internship as preparatory stage for learners’ placements into a real company, and the business community (SMEs and research centres) will be in contact with future employees in the early stages of the learning/training process for accumulating mix of skills and competencies for a highly demanding labour market .



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