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Knowledge and Tastes: Historical, Cultural Identity and Gastronomy between Syracuse, Agrigento and Malta (Saperi & Sapori)
Date du début: 14 janv. 2006, Date de fin: 14 oct. 2007 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context: The cross-border cooperation sees in the first line Sicily and Malta, linked by historical and cultural traditions, as well as trade. Moreover, thanks to cultural cooperation, intensified the benefits that can be induced to major chains, as in the case of tourism, pointing especially to the enhancement of existing resources: culture and local traditions as a source of economic prosperity. And a triangle, ideally one that is formed by uniting the territories of Syracuse, Agrigento and Malta, which encompasses a vast feelings and stimuli, which synthesizes an intertwining of intimacy between the historical and gastronomic cultures of the three areas, which speaks a and three languages simultaneously. Aims: The main objectives pursued by the project are: Promoting local traditions, witness cultural identities, through research and publications of studies on knowledge and local tastes;Stimulating public awareness about the validity and effectiveness of Community instruments for strengthening cross-border trade; Propose and highlight events of cross-border cultural exchange as "replicable models of partnership". Expected Results: • Diffusione di strumenti di conoscenza delle identità culturali delle aree di riferimento attraverso la cultura e le tradizioni locali;• Promozione delle tradizioni locali, testimonianza delle identità culturali, attraverso ricerche e pubblicazioni di studi sui SAPERI ed i SAPORI locali; • Promozione di confronti stabili su strumenti e modelli di sviluppo integrato del turismo culturale ed enogastronomico.


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  • 2000 - 2006 Italy - Malta (IT-MT)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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