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KM0 Research (FBK-RN2013)
Date du début: 1 juin 2013, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Science is a global endeavour with a very local impact on our lives. For this reason we call the project “Km0 Research” (in Italian, “Km0” is the term used for local “short supply chain” products) and will show how: researchers are normal people among us (the “Km0 Researcher”; “Km0” is also how far a researcher is from you); the outputs and results of the research are among us (the “Km0 Lab”); the inputs of science and research come from us and from our needs (the “Km0 Science”).The RSN is organized along the lines mentioned above. The awareness campaign will focus on a strong “humanization” of researchers and various activities will allow to know researchers in their daily lives. It will show how the results of research permeate our lives—from food to waste, from work to recreational and outdoors activities. Finally the RSN will suggest how the inputs and ideas of research come from us: citizens will be able to set the agenda of the Night and take part in labs. The more strategic goals include promoting the profession of researchers (researchers are normal people), promoting the impact of research (the outputs of science), and highlight that the ultimate beneficiaries of science are people (Km0 science).The event will take place in the brand new Science Museum in Trento. The location, designed by Renzo Piano is a 19,000 square meters area located in Trento’s city centre and it is the ideal setting for the RSN, in terms of space, facilities, installations, and overall experience. Laboratories, interactive exhibitions, and areas specifically dedicated to children will complement the scientific offering of the Night.Trento has organized the RSN for four years, with a very good response. The RSN has become an integral part of the long-term communication strategy to help promoting the work of researchers in Trentino. Impact assessments conducted in the past demonstrated the positive effect of the RSN on people’s evaluation of research activities and researchers."



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