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Κινητικότητα, Διαπολιτισμικότητα, Εθνικότητα, Αξιοπρέπεια ΙΙ/Mobility, Interculturality, Nationality, Dignity ΙΙ
Date du début: 20 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 19 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project MIND II is a hosting project of two volunteers, one from France (sending organization «Fédération Régionale Familles Rurales des Pays de la Loire») and one from Spain (sending organization «SERVEI CIVIL INTERNATIONAL DE CATALUNYA ASOCIACIONl»). The volunteers will be hosted at “Greek Forum of Refugees”. The project aims at promotion of volunteering as a mean to combat discrimination, racism and xenophobia. The volunteers are people who experience the EVS as a step in the formation of their identity as active citizens; they believe that through their participation will gain knowledge and experiences that will help them to develop similar actions in their country when they return. During the EVS they will live in a multicultural environment and will challenge the coexistence, cooperation and living together with people of different cultural background. They will be involved in activities of raise awareness and promotion of issues related to volunteering and its principles, the social integration of refugees and asylum seekers. Some of the key activities they will participate are organizing open events, updating the social media of their hosting organization, collect information. Their participation in this project is an non formal learning process. The volunteers will have the opportunity to experiment, discover and improve their skills and competences in order to gain experience and knowledge useful for their future professional and social involvement. The volunteers will have the opportunity to come in contact with one of the most serious issues that the societies are facing in nowadays. The support of people forced to flee their country is a matter of concern in many social organizations and citizens' initiatives in all EU countries especially in countries that are considered gateways, such as Greece. Volunteers will gain knowledge and experience which can be useful in their professional and social life after the end of their service. The raise awareness campaigns which will be organised during their service is an opportunity to give themselves answers to questions about the reception of refugees and the social issues that emerge. The duration of their service is 12 months in Athens where the headquarters of the hosting organization are.



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