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Kindertagesbetreuung und Familienbildung
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project promotes integration of refugees, language learning and multilingualism and intercultural learning. It is essentially a type of volunteers and families. Reservations towards and fear of various aspects of alienation are reduced by working together, develop and execute joint activities and thereby gain experience. This has long-term tolerance-promoting on the basis of intensive informal learning processes on the part of the volunteers as well as early learning experiences on the part of children.Realization of EVS in our project means joint learning and recognition of common values, similarities, as well as of experiencing different culture and ancestry-specific differences. Working with people is central in this project. Volunteers are directly related to them and the families to the volunteers. The families learn young Europeans on a reliable, long time know, they build mutual relations, of Cultural Differences of time.In addition, in the Eltern-Kind-Gruppe and the Mehrgenerationenhaus much emphasis on intergenerational family involvement. So not only organizes parents breakfast but for example also invited the grandparents to join all the events. All generations are in this institution welcome - even friends and former children and volunteers maintain contact, visit festivals etc. We are trying to open, to enrich and cultural diversity "home" to, for example, using the voluntary service the world of children also by further attempt is made to establish an informal local hangout for intercultural and international interested families. In accordance with the interests and preferences of the volunteers, for example, the focus may alternatively be on contacts with young people in training in Falkensee. The focus of training this means many contacts with trainees are possible.


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