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Kierunek - Europa
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Zamość, where our school is located, is the capital of the county and there are about 60 000 inhabitants. The town is focused on development of tourism and education. It is located in the agricultural, poorly industrialized region; it’s about 70 kms from the Polish Eastern border. The "Direction Europe" (Kierunek Europa) project will be implemented by Zespół Szkół Nr 3 in Zamość, which is a public school gathering students (aged 6-16) from different backgrounds. The development of civilization brings new challenges. The responses to them are for example: the teaching staff’s ICT and linguistic skills development, introduction of the new teaching methods and techniques into, contact of the school staff with other, including European, schools, and exchange of experience with their teachers followed by the raise of teachers and students mobility. The school aim is to provide students with the European dimension in education that’s why the students are to be provided with a large number of hours of foreign languages (School’s Development Plan priority of the year 2012) and with knowledge of the culture and development of their European and international openness. The school intends to achieve these objectives through the use of modern teaching methods and techniques, improving the qualifications of the teaching staff, the development of their language and intercultural skills and through partnerships with the schools from other countries. The undertaken actions are aimed at improving the quality of the school work. They will also contribute to the strengthening of the teacher’s professional profile. To achieve these goals, the teachers have participated in various training programs, courses (eg. The use of the eTwinning platform), they have introduced innovative teaching programmes; they have implemented the POKL and Erasmus+ projects. Currently they’ve planned to participate in various courses: methodological, TEL, CLIL and language courses. The courses are to be preceded with the preparatory actions such as conversational English classes and cultural studies seminars. It is planned that 11 teachers, including the headmistress and the deputy director of the school, will take part in the courses abroad. Three English language teachers will take part in the teachers’ methodology course, so that they could improve their language skills and develop methodological skills. Four teachers will benefit from the courses which will introduce the practical application of the CLIL teaching method. Two teachers will attend the TEL course. Four teachers will take part in the English language course. All these teachers will improve their knowledge of English, will establish contacts with teachers from other countries. The participants of the courses will exchanged their teaching experiences, develop openness to other cultures and the need for European integration. These will strengthen their professional position and at the same time increase their own activity and raise their mobility. Better qualified teachers will have an impact on the quality of work of the school implementing the project. They will encourage other school staff to learn foreign languages, to introduce new teaching methods, to use CLIL. It will dare other teachers to use the opportunities created by such projects and mobilities. The project will be monitored in the area of implementation of the project schedule and the quality of its implementation; and at the end the evaluation will be carried out. The project products will be disseminated within the school, on the eTwinning platform and through the local media.