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Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Young people are using the Internet more than ever. For many children, the Internet isn't simply a convenient way to research or a fun afterschool activity - it's a big part of their social life. Emailing and chatting with friends are children's most common online activities, after studying and playing games. But like many other social situations, some kids bully other kids online.Cyberbullying is similar to other types of bullying, except it takes place online and through text messages sent to cell phones. Cyberbullies can be classmates, online acquaintances, and even anonymous users, but most often they do know their victims. Cyberbullying can be a complicated issue, especially for adults who are not as familiar with using the Internet, instant messenger, or chat rooms as kids. But like more typical forms of bullying, it can be prevented when kids know how to protect themselves and parents are available to helpThe aim of the youth exchange is within 8 days to bring together 45 young people from three different countries – Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania, aged between 16 and 22, and experts with regard to youth policy. They will discuss and share their experiences on the topic of the cyberbullying. The project “Cyberbullying - Teaser Or Crime” will reveal the basic methods for detection of “symptoms” of the cyberbullying. Also will contribute the social and personal development of young people directly and indirectly involved in the project.The project activities will be implemented in the end of May 2016 in Gabrovo – Bulgaria. The project will be based on methods used in non-formal education: discussions, round tables, practical and thematic workshops, working in small groups, role plays and presentations, related to the theme of the meeting.



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