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Date du début: 1 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

KEY COMPETENCES – KEYS TO ASCENSION is a training course that gathers 30 participants from 24 countries from programme category and neighborhood ones.The activity week will take place in Busteni between 22-30 april 2015. The project takes place in a moment when key competences and recognition instruments are more and more important at European level. The aim of the project is a better awareness of youngsters and youth workers on importance of key competences and recognition certificates for personal development ,increasing projects’ quality and access a scholarship or job according to qualifications and individual competences. Specific objectives are: promoting youthpass and its role in Erasmus + programme for high education and work,providing to 26 learners from 24 countries of a tool kit for understanding and developing of key competences,awareness of the role of the 8 key competences in personal development of youngsters and youth workers,providing a common reflection space for 30 people for a better understanding of cultural diversity and promotion of relationship based on tolerance and mutual respect,expanding cooperation between youngsters from EU and negihbourhood countries by creating new common projects Main activities will be be preparation,introduction,getting to know eachother,presentation of organizations and participants,introduction of Erasmus + programme and youthpass certificate,thematic workshops,outdoor activities,intercultural evenings,cultural visits.Main workshops will be dedicated to the 8 key competences and understanding their role in personal development.Evaluation activities will be daily,midterm and final and will be in reflection groups and in plenary. During the project there will be activities of monitorizing,management and visibility. Methodology is based on nonformal education and will consist of games,presentations,debates,role plays,simulations , world coffee etc The final results will be a blog,a diary “Keys to ascension “ and a DVD with tool kits for youngsters and youth workers,photos,info matherials ,results of surveys and workshops. Impact of the project will be at the participants level by understanding and developing key competences and assimilation of new methods and a better awareness of importance of understanding cultural diversity.The organizations will get more trained youngsters and will be part of a new partnership for expanding youth cooperation in Europe for new projects.Local communities will have new competent leaders who can train active citizens in society. Dissemination of results will be realized by all partners with a DVD and a blog created by participants and the fish market results will contribute to project’s sustainability and expanding cooperation between youngsters in frame of Erasmus +.”Key to ascension “ diary will be promoted and multiplied in social networks and on line educative platforms



23 Participants partenaires