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The goals of the project include promotion of alternative transportation which will have a positive impact on preserving the natural values of the Hungarian and Croatian cross-border region, strong support to the use of environmentally friendly means of transport, development of the existing traffic infrastructure and creation of conditions for the development of safe and environmentally acceptable traffic circulation. Projects are being developed for the construction of a bike route section along the Drava bank from 58+120 rkm to 70+280 rkm, as an alternative to the Three Rivers Bike Route running along the state road between Felsöszentmárton and Tótújfalu. The international route starts from Austria, passes through Slovenia and Hungary, and then continues across the border in Croatia. Achievements: After conducting geomechanic testing and geodetic recording on the Drava bank section from 58+120 rkm to 70+280 rkm, the project documentation was prepared to obtain permits necessary for the construction of the bike route. The Three Rivers Bike Route starts in Austria, continues through Slovenia, and passes through the undulating region of Southern Transdanubian between the Drava and Danube Rivers in Hungary. On the Croatian side of the border, the route connects to a section running from Pitomaca to Barcs. Section 49+156-58+120 rkm of the Drava bank bike route, from Drávasztára to Felsoszentmárton, is already constructed (1999-2001), and the planned section between 58+120 and 70+280 rkm along the Drava bank would be a continuance of the existing trail.



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  • 2000 - 2006 Slovenia - Hungary - Croatia (SI-HU-HR)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform

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