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Date du début: 5 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 4 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The idea for this training came up at wEUnite’s training course „SpeakUp!” in August 2015. The members of “wEUnite” realized that many youth workers have difficulties with problematic situations and especially with how to solve them. Moreover, during some sessions at “SpeakUp!” the participants mentioned that it is a highly relevant topic for them and that it would be important to work on it intensively and in more depth.This training for youth-workers took place in Villach/Landskron (Carinthia,Austria) from 06.02.2016 until 13.02.2016. The 28 participants were from Austria, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Estonia, Malta, Lithuania and the Czech Republic.The working language used throughout the week was English. Thus the participants did not only improve their language competences, but also their chances for the future rise by increasing the fluency in a foreign language. “KeepCalm!” was a training course for people working in the youth sector which aimed to give the participants support and tips to help them in everyday situations. The learnt tools addressing conflict management and problem solving will be passed on by the participants to their co-workers back home.Numerous workshops dealing with different aspects concerning the chosen topics were held daily throughout the project week. The participants gained self-consciousness and new skills and therefore will be more courageous in dealing with difficult situations.All workshops were held with the aid of non-formal/informal learning and teaching methods. Besides various inputs by the trainers, there was enough time planned for practicing the new skills. By giving the participants the opportunity to put into practice what they just learnt, we wanted to assure that they have the possibility for individual feedback and get the most out of the course.In order to promote and enhance the interest in other cultures, languages and traditions, cultural evenings were planned on which the country-groups gave presentations. Thereby an intercultural exchange took place. By getting to know the “foreign” we wanted to diminish prejudices and initiate the establishment of new partnerships and friendships.For sharing the outcomes and impressions of the training for youth workers a short video was created. It will be published on social networks because we can reach a multitude and therefore promote Erasmus+ and generate and deepen the interest in the numerous possibilities Erasmus+ offers.



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