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Date du début: 1 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Eurostat Survey show an exrtemely high youth uneployment peak especially in Italy, Greece and Spain. However the Tourism economy still remains one of the most dinamic fields employing about 20 millions of workers equal to the 5.2 of the total EU workforce developing the 12% of the total EU gross product. The quality of the tourist and restoration services provided influences the global tourist choices especially taking into account the destinations and the new aggressive world economies. For such a reason it is essentia to release into the maket highly qualified workers as well as used to an international audiece since early in their profesional life both as workers as well as human beings. The Mobility action Keep the Faith addresses such objective through the following envisaged objectives: • implementation of foreign language skills • implementation ad adquisition of professional skills • fostering of personal skills for an active job search, being mobile and flexible as well as developing entrepreneurial skills. • Self consciousness of personal attitudes and ambitions. • Supply the participants with better job opportunities both in their Country of Origin and abroad. • self consciousness of European Citizenship including its economicals aspects throuhg the free circulation of workers. • Experimentation and developement of the EU tools and process for transparency and recognition of credits and qualifications throuhg modular learning. • developemet and implementation of a better dialogue betweek rofessional training and labour market through active participation in writing the training goals. Participants adressed are students in initial vocational training in the tourist and catering fields (cooks, waiters, maitre and commis, hotel receptionist/travel agents) betwenn the age of 16 and 18 for whome the internship will be an integral part of the qualification pathway. The action il led by the “mustual trust” principles envisaged by the ECVET recommnedation as well as the EQAVET quality cycle on which the promoter relys since the previous mobility action managed. The action is structured with a 4 weeks workplacements in Spain, Germany and Malta entirely spenta t the host company except as for the first 3 induction days.


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