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Keep smiling and carry on
Date du début: 1 mars 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project was written by young people who already have taken part in several projects. They were fascinated by informal education on European field. They have met a lot of new people and they discovered their new cultures. They are still very open for new experience in this topic. There will five group of young people taking part in our project: group from Poland, Finland, Germany, Spain and Italy. We will spent three days in Krakow and five days in Bukowina Tatrzanska in south of Poland. The name of the projects is an analogy to the main idea of it. The main topic of our project is helthy live style and possitive thinking. We want to reflect together what are the main helth problems between young people in diffrent Europeen countires and what are the possible soluions for the. Participants of the project will be thinking how to build an open minded and tolerant society. What is also important is that by being together in international group they will experience that cultural diversity can enrich you. KEEP SMILING AND CARRY ON is project of a youth exchange whose participants are young people with lower social opportunities who come from difficult family background. The main topics of the project are: intercultural learning, activation of young people, prophylaxis of unemployment and building an open and conscious society. All activities during the youth exchange will be based on non-formal learning methods, such us: workshops, discussions, talks, international evenings, experience exchanging, presentation, games and plays etc. By all those activities we will be able to increase our intercultural understanding between different countries. This project will also promote understanding, tolerance and being open-minded among young people. after the exchange we will organize couple meetings during which we will promote our action and ideas.



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