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Keep It Green!
Date du début: 20 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 19 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project associated 72 people from 6 different countries: Poland, Estonia, Slovenia, Greece, Croatia and Lithuania, interested in the topics of ecology, environment and biology. Individuals chosen by the organizations participating in the project were youth workers, volunteers and young people wishing to elevate the importance of ecology nowadays. One of the main topics of the project was the balance at the human-nature level and using natural resources without excessively infringing our nature. Through our actions we presented young people the benefits for the public good and entities that come from the environment protection, recycling and taking care of the nearest environment. Participants through activities organized outdoor increased their environmental awareness and realized how important is environmental responsibility. We wanted them to understand how important it is to leave it in the best possible condition for future generations. Another important goal for us was to strengthen intercultural dialogue. Through contact with people from abroad, participants were able to exchange experiences, to learn more about other countries, traditions and different cultures. It helped them with breaking negative stereotypes as well. We achieved it all by working in mixed groups, both in terms of nationality and gender. This helped us building tolerance and understanding for everything what is different and enrich our work with different points of view. During the activities we useed non-formal education methods for carrying out activities such as games and team-building activities, workshops, discussions, simulation games, brainstorming, games on orientation and theater techniques. The knowledge and skills of a pro-environmental behavior presented during the project helped increase the environmental awareness of the participants and we hope that in the long term will improve the environment around us all!



5 Participants partenaires