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Keep Educating Yourself
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A summary of the projectThe two-year project "Keep Educating Youself" (KEY) will include forestry and nursing students and staff at Forestry and Wood Processing school in Postojna. The project will enable our organization to track innovations in fields of forestry and health care, transfer of good practices, it will provide vocational training and enable participants to gain qualifications in the workplace. For the forestry sector, the aim of the project is to educate teachers and students in mechanised logging, cable logging (using cable crane in forestry) and arboriculture, whereas in the field of health care our focus is to educate participants in the area of complementary methods in health care. 1. STUDENT MOBILITYThe project will include students of Forestry and Health Care. The objective of mobility, which is of KEY importance, is to acquire practical experience, skills and qualifications gained at the work placement. In this way, the students connect knowledge from school to the working area, which further motivates students for the profession for which they are training. It strengthens networking of educational institutions to the working environment. It allows mutual learning, comparison and optimization of specific work practices. A student will develop main competences: its self-image, he/she will strengthen the European consciousness and improve communication in a foreign language and use of ICT technology. He/she will acquire new vocational experience, gain invaluable skills in a diverse society, and share the experience with others. We expect participants to learn about the work environment, standards of practice, methods and forms of employment, the rules that shape the work area, and to train and acquire basic skills to pursue a profession. They will gain the Europass document, which will be the basis for recognition of competences acquired in the project within the educational curriculum (partially or fully completed vocational training, and party of fully completed module).A special aim of this project is to get acquainted with new technologies in mechanised logging, cable logging and sustainable forest management (for forestry students). For nursing students, the main goal is to become familiar with institutional care of the elderly with a special focus on complementary methods in health care in order to reach quality of life of the elderly. 2. STAFF MOBILITY Teachers who educate students for different vocations in Forestry and Health Care (medical service) and mentors to students from Forestry and Wood Processing school will also take part in this project in order to achieve their professional development in the form of work placement or job shadowing. Two forestry teachers will perform training in the field of mechanised logging in Estonia, two teachers in cable logging in Austria, two in the field of arboriculture in Denmark. Two nursing teachers will train in the field of complementary methods in health care (supportive care) in the care of the elderly. After their training all teachers are expected to prepare and hand in a proposal on education module. The exchange of experiences and information about methods and different educational ways in host countries will enrich their professional knowledge, a comparison of educational systems will stimulate some changes in their own work. All these achievements will contribute to active citizenship, social cohesion, intercultural dialogue, personal fulfilment, and consolidate the significance of lifelong learning for all participants included in the process of education. Communication in foreign language(s) will raise their self-confidence. They will become more motivated for cooperation with various European educational institutions. They will deepen the ties with employers (partners), they will cultivate their personal contacts and they will enrich their long-term cooperation on personal and institutional level. They will strengthen European dimensions of active European citizenship, they will connect education and training on international level and improve the promotion of Slovenia and our organization. The exchange will contribute also to their personal and professional promotion. Our teachers will transfer examples of best practice and bring changes into their own work.Mobility will be carried out according to the following schedule:Schedules for the mobility of students:- May 2017: Finland, 2 student (3 weeks)- May 2017: Portugal, 10 students + 1 accompanying person (2 weeks)- October 2017: Czech Republic, 2 student (3 weeks)- October 2017: Sveden, 2 student (3 weeks)- May 2018: Finland, 2 student (3 weeks)Schedules for the mobility of teachers:- October 2016: Denmark, 2 teachers (1 week)- October 2016: Estonia, 2 teachers (3 weeks)- March 2017: Austria, 2 teachers (2 weeks)- March 2017: Portugal, 2 teachers (1 week)- May 2017: Denmark, 2 teachers (1 week)



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