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Keep cool - stay warm. We are building for the future
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Keep cool - stay warm, We are building for the future, is the title of a strategic partnership between Re upper secondary school, Vestfold (Coordinator / Applicant) and Theodor-Frey Schule, (upper secondary school) Eberbach, Germany (partner). The two schools are the same size, with about 700 students, offering both vocational and general studies. In addition, Theodor-Frey Schule has the Programme for Trade and Economic Subjects. We are applying for funding in order to examine various issues regarding energy consumption and housing in Norway and Germany. The last two years our two schools have established contact and visited each other several times, both students, teachers and representatives of the school management. We have planned this strategic partnership together, since autumn 2014, when a delegation from Theodor-Frey Schule visited Re, Norway. It was important that we should obtain a clear quality improvement of the education through the partnership. Furthermore, we wanted a partnership in which many of our students could apply to join. We decided the theme of sustainable development and climate change. The theme is based in the curricula of Natural Sciences, Vg1, both vocational and general studies in Norway. In addition, construction of wooden houses. Insulation of houses is aslso a theme at Vg1 Building and Construction. Many of our students are introduced to insulation work when they are placed in private firms in the subject Depth Study Project. From the Norwegian side, we plan that pupils from Vg1 Building and Construction and Vg1Programme for Specialisation in the General Studies should be able to apply to participate in student exchange programs within the partnership. From the German side is planned that students from their Programmes for Building and Construction, Trade and Economic Subjects and the Oberschule could apply to participate. The theme is rooted in curricula. Pupils of the Programme for Building and Construction will examine construction methods of houses in Germany and Norway, especially insulation of houses and energy sources and energy conservation. Pupils from trade program to make calculations on the construction costs of various building and insulation methods in both countries. They should also make calculations on profitability in the short and long term, concerning energy-saving measures and the use of alternative energy sources. The german students from the general studies, (the Oberschule) will examine attitudes in the two countries when it comes to willingness to accept increased construction costs to reduce the consumption of fossil energy sources. In order to increase the quality of education in these subjects, both schools have signed agreements on cooperation with both organizations and companies. On the Norwegian side, we cooperate with the regional office in Vestfold of NHO, the main representative organisation for Norwegian employers, and the nationally profiled member construction company Timber AS in Stokke. In addition, we work closely with our school authority in Vestfold fylke, and their internationalization contact. Theodor-Frey-Schule has made agreements on cooperation with companies on a national and international level, for instance BASF and Luwoge Consult. Another major goal of the partnership will be the use of English as lingua franca. We intend to prepare a simple glossary of construction terminology on Norwegian-English-German. We will also qualify our students participating in the exchanges to be able to seek work and study abroad. To adapt to the norms and ways of living in the two countries will be central for the paticipating pupils. Activity course will be as follows: Int the autumn of 2015 Re upper secondary school intend to send until ten pupils together with two teachers on exchange visit to Eberbach. Duration: 5 days plus travel days. Spring 2016 Theodor-Frey Schule will sende a similar group to Re. Autumn 2016 Re will send a new group of up till 10 students and 2 teachers to Eberbach. Spring 2017 Theodor-Frey Schule will send the last student group with 2 teachers to Norway. Then, in April 2017 two representatives of the management / project management at Theodor-Frey Schule come to Norway to participate in our final event. We present our results and experiences and present material and teaching programs that can be used in the future by schools and disseminated through the media and partners.



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