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Keep calm and volunteer in Europe 2016-2017
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the project is to promote active citizenship of young people, and particularly European citizenship and attitudes of tolerance, openness and strengthening mutual understanding and cooperation between young people from different countries. In addition, through the participation of young Europeans in international volunteering their potential will be constructed. Young people will gain new competencies, skills and knowledge desirable for the European labor market.The project consists of 13 activities (7 actions are hosting volunteers in Poland, and 6 is to send Polish volunteers to Armenia, Georgia, the two organizations in Ukraine and Belarus) and they focus on three target groups:- 28 volunteers: including 4 people from Ukraine, 2 people from Belarus, one person from Armenia, two people from Georgia and 19 Polish volunteers (of which 11 pursuing a short-term project and 8 long-term);- Partner organizations: 7 host organizations in Poland, 2 host organizations in Ukraine and 1 host organization from Georgia, Armenia and Belarus. All these organizations and the organization of Ukraine ("Spark") are also sending organizations. - CWM acts as the coordinating, hosting and sending organization.- The local community of all the locations where volunteers will be staying.Volunteers in Poland will work on the 7 level fields. All projects will last 12 months:A1 youth work in Centre for Youth Co-operation and Mobility, 1 volunteer from Ukraine since 2016 VII.,A2 work with children and young people from families with "problems" in community centers run by the Association for Children and Youth "Vitava", two volunteers from September 2016 - 1 person from Belarus and one from Ukraine,A3 work with the local community in the districts of Gdynia in the Public Library in Gdynia, two volunteers from September 2016. - 1 person from Armenia and one from Georgia,A4 work with young children in Local Governmental Kindergarten No. 30 in Gdynia, 1 volunteer from Ukraine from September 2016.,A5 working with people with intellectual disabilities in Adapa Foundation, September 2016 - 1 volunteer from Georgia,A6 work at the Foundation for Social Change "Creative" with the local community at risk of social exclusion; From the March 2017. 1 volunteer from BelarusA7 work with children and young people in EXPERYMENT Science Centre in Gdynia, 1 volunteer from Ukraine since March 2017.As part send Polish volunteers for international projects CWM will be sending organization for 19 Polish volunteers:A8 work with young people from "disadvantaged", Georgia, 2 volunteers for 10 months from September 2016A9 help in organizing activities for young people, Armenia, 1 volunteer for 12 months. From September 2016A10 assistance in the implementation of activities for seniors, Belarus, 1 volunteer for 9 months, from September 2016A11 work for the promotion of culture and European values, Ukraine, 2 volunteers for 12 months. From September 2016A12 support the current problems of the local community Drohobych, Ukraine, 2 volunteers for 12 months. From September 2016A13 organization of leisure time activities for children of refugees, Ukraine, 11 volunteers for 1 month, From August 2016The result of the project will be volunteers’ individual development from Poland and Programme Countries as well as the local community and organizations involved in the project. As a result, the interest and participation of young people in local and international community activities will increase as well as their sense of efficacy and the desire to create the surrounding reality. Those involved directly and indirectly in activities through contact with people from other countries will broaden their horizons, become more tolerant and open to dialogue and international cooperation. European Volunteers acquire new skills, knowledge and competencies that will be useful in their later professional and personal development.



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