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Kebab & Kluntje - ein Blick über den Tellerrand
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the course of the project “Kebab & Kluntje - Thinking out of the box” the participants develop and test a concept to sensitize pupils of the schools taking part to aspects of interculturality. We try out ways to make the pupils broaden and deepen their understanding of their own cultural identity and socialization and its external perception. Using two schools whose approach to interculturality differs a lot because of their environment, we intend to show how pupils can learn from and with each other to improve their integration and mobility in a modern Europe. During this project the pupils create several products to explain their everyday lives to the pupils of their partner school. Furthermore, they deal with the other’s world presented to them. In this way they gain intercultural experience. It is especially interesting that this project does not only include examining the unfamiliar elements of the neighbouring culture, but also realizing the heterogeneity of their own and the other country’s culture and society: the Dutch pupils are not “typically Dutch”, just as the German ones are not “typically German” either. The high percentage of pupils with migrant backgrounds on the Dutch side, and the rural origin of the East Frisian pupils as well, create the preconditions for a lot of chances of learning from each other. The pupils practise their acquired language skills and improve them in real communicative situations with the young people from the neighbouring country. By learning and using foreign languages the mobility opportunities of the young people sustainably grow in a modern Europe, too. In the first year of the project the pupils first exchange emails, then video messages on everyday topics like school, hobbies, family, living situations, national and religious holidays and plans for the future. These are presented and commented on in chat and videoconferences. In regard to the development of their foreign language skills it is planned that all contributions are written in the foreign language, i.e. the Dutch pupils speak / write German, the German ones speak / write Dutch. In the second year of the project the exchange visits are prepared and made. In terms of content, the week in the Netherlands will be dominated by the history and multicultural character of Amsterdam, the week in Germany will be dedicated to the local history of East Frisia. The youth exchange, joint sports and leisure time activities are the second pillar of the bilateral intercultural project “Kebab & Kluntje - Thinking out of the box”. During the third year of this project the pupils use their gained knowledge and contacts to write and exchange subject-specific contributions to their lessons. Other common subjects like geography, history and biology, but also English can possibly profit when the pupils contribute to the lesson through their gained knowledge - expressed in the foreign language. The products are exchanged electronically to give each other feedback on content and language. Thus, the pupils prove their increased intercultural competence in several ways. Moreover, they develop and enhance their skills in using the new media. In this way their future prospects are improved, too. We would like to present and evaluate our concept in presentations and discussions with representatives of other schools and external partners (e.g. of the local authority and religious communities).



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