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Kazinczy Social Hub
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Kazinczy Social Hub is an urban center for creative social initiatives. It is developed by AZÉRT7 with the help of EVS volunteers working in one of Budapest's best known international meeting point, social and cultural hub, the first ruinbar of all: Szimpla Kert. Since the start of our operations we are committed to our funding missions, which include social responsibility, sustainability and intercultural learning. We are dialogue starters, initiators for local problems. During our first granted EVS project (2014/15) we realized the potential of European Youth Mobility projects, we created successful events and we are ready to take the next step. Kazinczy Social Hub aims to empower young people to realize social and cultural initiatives, build interest oriented communities, create events for social dialogue, organize cultural events, promote intercultural learning and active citizenship. Youth is what keeps this city alive and with the help of Erasmus + we are able to put the necessary tools and resources into the hands of international and local volunteers, so they can work more effectively for a more democratic and just society and bring the core values of the European Union closer to the local population. Beside the successfully running Kazinczy Living Library we created in our previous EVS cycle, we believe that the necessary step is to apply this brand (Kazinczy) to two other social initiatives. We want to provide One of these will be Kazinczy Community Theatre, where we can apply artistic tools and reflect on the topics of the Living Library. This way we'll be able to extend the reach of our initiatives to people who have the interest towards theatre and are open for processing basic social problems in an artistic, playful way. Our other new initiative is Kazinczy Connect Café, where we can connect people with different interest, skills and competencies to share ideas and information. This is a place where we provide information about European mobility projects, volunteering opportunities, encourage young people to form communities and become active citizens. For the real step forward we decided to expand our team of EVS volunteers to 4 persons. We'd like to keep our EVS group culturally diverse, therefore we have chosen volunteers from four different countries: France, Netherlands, Poland and Spain. Pauline Alfano from France is a 20 year old female volunteer, who has great interest and motivation for combining artistic and social tools for a necessary change towards a more just society and a better functioning democracy. She is delighted to join an international team and work in Budapest for 9 months as an EVS volunteer. Bharath Natarajan from The Netherlands, originally from India is experienced in the organization of a Living Library, storytelling and other tools for social sensibilisation. He is very motivated to work in a new environment where he can work for social equality. Manuel Rodriguez from Spain wants to turn his life around by jumping into an international environment and work on social projects. It is a field far from what he has been studying, but his motivation, his integrative personality and open minded thinking convinced us that he has a part in our team. Magdalena Sitarek from Poland is probably our most experienced volunteer, she has serious interest for urban planning and regeneration. She is a well experienced project planner and manager and additionally this is her last year she can apply for EVS. Her genuine interest for growing as a person ensured her position in our EVS team of four. After the long process of planning and choosing the right applicants, we think that the combination of methods of non-formal education we use during the realization of our initiatives, the cultural and social tools we’re able to implement and our international and open minded approach will result the desired changes in our society and environment.



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