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Kaukametsä - Far Forest - Creating and Organising a System for International On-line Teaching and Learning in Wood Technology including Teaching Materials

The project will develop an expandable e-learning platform for the wood and furniture industry, in collaboration with company representatives, introducing comprehensive training packages at basic and advanced levels and teacher guidelines in addition to general background information on standards and regulations. Via a new, on-line production platform, four training packages will be produced tested and introduced relating to different aspects of wood handling and the design of wooden products. Each package will comprise teaching material, student assignments and teacher guidelines. A separate section on standards and regulations, including environmental requirements, will remain relevant to any additional training packages introduced in the future. Final products will be in the form of CD-ROMs and web pages in four languages (EN, DE, ES & FI). The teaching methodology will be designed to facilitate integration of the training modules into national training programmes, qualification systems and any existing e-learning systems. The e-learning format should also result in a needed expansion of company in-service training. The project and its' progress will be publicised via a brochure, press releases, articles in professional journals and via a dedicated website. Final products will be marketed to educational bodies, companies and trade associations. Project partners will agree a process for updating and extending the scope of the new instrument.