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Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Τhe proposed plan addresses 20 graduating students of Dairy EPA.S. Ioannina with specialty Dairy-Cheese. Students of EPAS from all over the Greek territory, members of farm families engaged in cheese and milk production and are in the process of developing their own business activity or continuing the family business which they are members of. The purpose of education in the school is to certify their skills, to formal and scientific document the production process that follow the production of milk, the enrichment of knowledge and practice of traditional manufacturing dairy products, the emergence and maintenance of old traditional recipes. Also we shall comment that students are interns at the premises of the school, not for the reason that they are obliged to do so, but for the reason that they really want to, as they "see" their training and development as a "engine of growth" of their entrepreneurship.The participants are the most dynamic factor in maintaining the tradition and the varieties of dairy products in Greece. They are the seed development of traditional cheese and substantial the industry of producing traditional cheeses in Greece is based in their professional development. They convey knowledge of recipes and techniques that they tend to disappear at an ever industrialized environment where all products look the same (in taste and appearance).The needs that this project will cover are not theoretical but more practical, experiential, exploratory.Those needs arise from the objectives set and address to the creation of products which will have a personal stamp of producers and their regions while satisfying the conditions of hygiene and safety in the production process. Also in the acquisition of knowledge and experience required for the transformation of traditional cheese small factories in agro-tourism units focusing on dairy manufacturing and dairy products.Participants do not miss the knowledge, they lack of professional experience that will push themselves and their (family) enterprises which they belong, to diversify their product image and how to make it more attractive to the standards of the Italian model. The change in culture, diversification of the working environment, the European experience, the improved techniques, the use of materials that highlight the product and do not degrade it (plastic packaging), a general improved training package that will develop their professional skills beyond the narrow learning module, those are the objectives of our project.Separate objectives of the project is to develop partnerships between our organization and local small industries producing dairy products in Italy, working with training providers who can offer opportunities for "training" beyond the narrow learning objects, emphasizing the acquisition of professional experience development and entrepreneurship. Also another project's objective is the dissemination of experiences and knowledge that will empower students, even those that are not eligible to participate in the mobility. The awareness and update of local communities that students live and that will grow entrepreneurship. The development of active European citizen.



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