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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is entitled "TRAINING OF STUDENTS OF VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS (EPAL) IN BUSINESS INNOVATION THROUGH INTERNET" and aims at training Computer Science students of the 1st EPAL of Trikala in Bussines innovation issues via internet so that they are offered outlets of professional evolution in the context of today’s particularly difficult circumstances. In an environment like this where private enterprising initiative and globalized economy principally determine all financial developments , students are required to be correctly informed and activate themselves in order to develop their skills of extroversion and get ready to take the initiatives needed for their financial progress through the utilization of their knowledge in Computer Science and the modern technologies that they acquired by attending Vocational High Schools in combination with the innovative enterprising capabilities offered by the Internet; these capabilities can be offered to them via the Internet through this project. In this project,16 students of the 1st Vocational High School in Trikala are to participate. They come from the Computer Science Department of the school and they are boys and girls at the ages of 15-19 years old who derive from the provinces, namely from the surrounding rural areas; therefore, they lack experience and opportunities that students of other high schools in our city may have. Although their specialty in Computer Science they have chosen gives them the chance –via the Internet- to become aware of successful enterprising actions, the concepts of enterpreneurship and innovation are unknown to them, let alone the fact they are not included in their curriculum in contrast to the majority of European schools where the concept of entrepreneurship has been introduced in Secondary Education through relevant school subjects, practical training and apprenticeship. The aims of the project are: •The Computer Science Department students’ familiarization with the business community and their awareness of the important role of the Internet in economic growth and prosperity of the country. •The utilization of the innovation offered by Computer Science and the Internet as a key component of modern entrepreneurship. •Their briefing on modern good practices in entrepreneurship that mainly aim at the utilization of new technologies as far as Computer Science and the Internet are concerned. •Their acquaintance with the international financial environment and the ways with which enterprises become part of it and function within it by using the Internet. •The augmentation of young people choosing to start a business of their own as well as the increasing possibility of their succeeding in that business. •Their awareness that they are capable of creating businesses to take action on the Internet in our far-reaching area which is far away from the big cities •The improvement of their language skills (especially in English) and the promotion of their critical thinking. •The improvement of the conditions that could offer them access to the business world. The methodology to be followed includes a combination of theoretical training at the base of the Host Organisation and targeted Study Visits to corporations and enterprises. The theoretical training will be performed by specialized instructors and will be about modern techniques that are used for creating innovative enterprises on the Internet and about modern techniques that are implemented by electronic stores in order to increase their sales (social media, on line marketing, etc.). Study Visits are to be paid to organizations that have recently developed enterpreneurship effectively and forwarded innovative activities of enterprises on the Internet as well as successful οnline/networking enterprises. The expected results for the students will be: 1. They will become fully aware of the value of the New Technologies and the Computer Science as the fundamental factors of innovation of a modern enterprise. 2. They will fathom the meaning of the concepts of enterpreneurship and innovation on the Internet and will realize the contribution of networking entepreneurship and innovation to the ensuring of their professional future. 3. They will get to know practices of correct organizing and functioning of an online enterprise which gets active in the contemporary European financial environment. 4. They will improve their cognitive skills as far as their use of the English language is concerned and will acquire stimuli so that they can learn more foreign languages. In the long term, we think that the 1st Vocational High School of Trikala will acquire the technological background in order to work out more projects like this one by giving even more students the chance to get trained. Furthermore, we do hope that there will be more channels of communication with organizations abroad, which will make the materialization/implementation of such projects much easier in the future.



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