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Date du début: 8 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 7 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The teachers' association, pedagogy group having identified the needs of the organization in matters of educational, organizational, curriculum, and developing skills and capabilities of human resources has identified areas that need improvement. Lifelong learning is important because it reinforces the development of European policies on education, training and employment. The Greek shipping is dominant worldwide not only in quantity and size of vessels but also in capable executives who man these ships.The renewal of the Greek fleet with modern technology ships is continuous. Vessels are equipped with machinery and latest technology tools following global security rules which are becoming more demanding. But in order to allow ships to move safely in the seas they need well-trained crew, who love the profession, with knowledge and training. Students of the Navy field specialty Master Mariner (Merchant Marine) are in initial vocational training level. They come from low income groups and rarely have the opportunity to travel abroad, let alone for so many days and for this purpose. Thus, the project expects to offer, besides the knowledge and practice, a unique life experience. They have not done so far practice in 'real' spaces in their development because of the nature of the profession. The education system enables the graduates of Navy sector to become officers of Merchant Marine (acquisition Diploma level 3 by introducing them to the Merchant Marine Academies). This necessitates the adaptation and evolution of the process of education in developing a framework of capable officers of Merchant Marine.Participants of the Navy specialty are students of Merchant Marine Captains with their involvement in Erasmus + program are to:1. improve their knowledge and trained in new technologies through internships and technical visits2. improve their level in English and Naval terminology since it is the basic communication language daily and will come into first contact with the Lithuanian language.3. come together and experience the culture of a traditional maritime nation living for 15 days in Klaipeda4. acquire certificates and Europass certificate improving personal and professional profile.5. develop self-esteem and partnership feelings taking initiatives to plan daily life in Klaipeda responsibly.Escorts teachers would deepen their knowledge in nautical matters, would come into contact with new technologies on .Seas and see different ways of application. They will improve their English and develop partnerships with organizations and individuals that will help not only to their personal development but also to improve the school.So all of the above will be able to integrate them into the educational process.The expected impact of the project in brief for the participating students will be:- To become more competitive by giving them quality advantage for entering the maritime profession.- Strengthen their curriculum by gaining Europass, certificate- Easier adaptation to difficult workplace of Merchant Marine.Regarding the impact of the project for the participating teachers and the sending organization (briefly) we consider that:- The escorts will become richer in knowledge and skills and this will result in the improvement of pedagogical process.-The Escorts will improve the professional and scientific level, through awareness of new technologies on the seafaring profession.- Our organization will have a European dimension and a curriculum with European orientation.The planned transition flow includes 14 students and two accompanying teachers of the Navy field (Masters of the Merchant Navy) in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The certification of learning outcomes will be the Europass and Certificate.The evaluation of the stakeholders will be mutual and will ensure the quality and functionality of the projectThe conclusions and information resulting from the placement will be evaluated and incorporated into diffusion plan using the Internet with relevant article and photographs, with the participation of beneficiaries in planned events both at school and at a workshop that will follow, by relevant articles in the local press so that these results be made known to the largest possible number of people that will be interested to come in contact with the European labor market.



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