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Karst4U: Explore Croatia"s Nature
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The purpose of the PI is management of the protected area with intent to achieve long-term nature preservation. It was determined that one of the main goals is also providing benefits for the humane society, especially local residents. In 2014, the PI started with the assessment of the Park’s value. The 1st activity was assessment of the PI’s needs and collecting the data about Park’s value. The 2nd activity was holding meetings with all stakeholders of the Park and local residents where the discussion was about their needs were. The following needs were determined: 1. PI- insufficient promotion and visibility, low number of employees, unfavorable relations with the local comm., insuff. data in databases, need for tourism to support the quality of life for the locals, need for new ideas and energy, fulfilling the educ. role of the PI, PI is currently unrecognizable on the EU level; 2. Local comm..- insuff. level of knowledge about protected areas and sustainability, insuff. level of ecologic awareness, lack of involv. in the PI’s work, lack of info. about volunteerism, children – insuff. knowledge of foreign lang., need to help elders in the Park’s area,need for new ideas and energy, multiculturalism, young people- high level of unemploy., lack of knowl. about ERASMUS+ and EVS and the possibilities that they provide. Therefore the overall objective of the project K4U was to enable young people from various backgrounds (ethnic, cultural, religious) to gain knowledge and skills in the area of nature protect. and sustainable develop./tourism. Specific obj.was: 1. Improve the quality of PI by integrating new work methods into everyday act. and labour, creating a modern and dynamic work envir. and developing European coop. 2. Contribution to the develop. of non-profit projects, active participation, and connecting the people in shared act. for the benefit of the local comm. 3. Enabling volunteers to acquire new skills (comm., organizational and administrative) and knowl. through learning in teamwork and the develop. of social and environment awareness. 4. Enabling volunteers, young people and children from the local comm.. to learn foreign lang.; develop. of cultural awareness and respect for other cultures. In the K4U project, 2 young people (18-30 yo) were involved in the PI’s work. Sending organization was Maison del´l Europe, France. To include a bigger specter of activities the project was divided into two components: 1st comp.: cleaning wild landfills and speleological objects, building and marking trails, maintenance of tourism infrastructure, work in marketing (design, develop. and print. brochures about volunteerism, ERASMUS+ and EVS), starting a volunteer blog, helping the locals. 2nd comp. includes research and educ. act.: participation in educ. workshops on the subject of karst, tourism, etc., filling the PI’s flora and fauna database, preparing and holding foreign lang. school for local children, prep. and conducting educ. act. for the local comm., project’s visual identity designing, widening the project and promotion, working on personal projects, learning the basics of Croatian lang. The following methods were used in the project: teamwork, familiarizing with the environment, using colors, communication and learning through work, presentation, individualized work,sport-recreational approach, methods of cartography, analysis, observation and finding, interpretation and creative thinking, direct communication, learning by solving problems, kinesiology method, dancing, demonstration, listening and noticing, learning through music, food preparation, brainstorming, SWOT analysis, marketing, etc. With the implementation of the project K4U, volunteers were introduced with Croatia and region Lika, the basics of Croatian lang.Volunteers gained work experience, improved communication skills, a sense of independence and self-initiative and improved teamwork skills. PI Cave Park Grabovača with this project improved the quality of work by integrating new methods into everyday act., creating a modern and dynamic working environment (new ideas and perspectives), developing European cooperation- raising skills to work in an international partnership and to raise the reputation and significance of the PI at the international level (better promotion). The implementation of the project contributed to the fulfillment of the education role of the PI.



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