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Karjeros ABC su Erasmus+. 2015.
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Aim of the project – to make up opportunities for students and teaching staff mobility, to ensure improvement their professional and personal competencies, thereby improving the quality of activities and enhancing the prestige of the school. This purpose will be achieved by organizing internships at foreign organizations of 6 school teaching staff and 14 students, 8 car mechanics and 6 finisher (builders)/ construction service providers. Employees will carry out 4 working days monitoring at host organizations during which will be interesting in educational environments creation and using opportunities. Students during 15 work day’s internship will improve their practical skills. Planned results of the project: 1. 14 school students participated in the 15 work day’s internship. 2. 14 students received the Europass Mobility documents proving that during internship they improved/gained professional, foreign language skills, acquainted with a course organization of working at foreign companies, improved teamwork skills. 3. 6 school staff carried out the work monitoring of 4 working days at educational institutions. 4. For 14 students internship accepted as part of an apprenticeship’s. 5. 6 teaching staff received the Europass Mobility documents proving that during the work monitoring they improved/gained professional competencies, improved foreign language skills. 6. All participants after internship submitted reports. 7. Were proposed proposals for the creation of educational environment at school. This reflected in the school curriculum. 8. Project participants hold at least one information event to present the project results. Mobility project will improve the students’ integration into the labor market, increase the attractiveness of vocational education and training and improve the professional competencies. Planned mobilities of the project participants: 8 car mechanic students (4 students per visit) – 10/19/2015 – 06/11/2015, Barcelona, Spain; 15/02/2016 – 04/03/2016, Tenerife, Spain. 6 finisher(builder)/construction service providers speciality students 07/03/2016 – 25/03/2016 Monjitas, Portugal. 6 (3 each visit) pedagogical staff 05/10/2015 – 08/10/2015, Tenerife, Spain; 15/03/2016 – 18/03/2016, Barcelona, Spain. Intermediary organizations: Int. TEMIS Education College /Tene in Spain and Tenerife, EPD - European Projects Development, Portugal.



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