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Kalokagathia and medical staff in Italy, Turkey and the Czech Republic
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Kalokagathia and medical staff in Italy, Turkey and in the Czech Republic" The aim of the project is to focus on the topic of medical staff in three countries of Europe: Italy, Turkey and the Czech Republic. The term "Kalokagathia" means both physical and psychical development of the personality and both of these are needed in the profession of a member of medical staff. Czech students are being prepared for the position of a nursing assistant at secondary school and after passing their leaving school examination (A-levels), they may continue their studies for other medical professions at university or higher school. Italian and Turkish students are at the age when they start to think about their future profession. The aim of our project is to introduce them the topic of medical staff and motivate them to choose it as their future career. At the same time, their orientation at the labour market will improve because they will become more familiar with the topic than other students oriented only in a general way. The students of all partner schools will have an opportunity to compare differences between medical systems in each partner country and they will focus on different types of positions in medical staff. They will gain basic information about their duties, rights, education and surroundings where the staff work. They will get both theoretical and practical knowledge of carrying out the first aid and will be acquainted with needed documents if they decide to work abroad in this position. Students will also gain information about partner countries to be able to understand differences between different cultures and to integrate more easily into the European society. They will learn how to communicate, discuss and solve various problems in groups, they will use communication and information technologies. The project also focuses on deepening general and medical language skills, especially English as the main communicative language and basics of Italian for the Czech and Turkish students. Students will produce a list of basic medical terminology for different life situations and will gain various materials connected with the topic. The target group are students between 11-18 years of age. During the project, about 120 students will take part in the project activities in classes. The students of all partner schools will work in groups and cooperate on different materials in English and Italian, such as articles, power point presentations, short videos etc. These materials will be shared with partner schools and used in classes, either language ones or specific ones together with the method CLIL (somatology, biology, hygiene, geography etc). The topics of these materials are mentioned above. A special interest will be given to the basic medical English and Italian, especially to topics connected with human body and illnesses. During the project each school intends to carry out a mobility when students will deepen the gained knowledge also in practice by means of different activities in classrooms and special excursions into medical and educative facilities. They will work on different tasks in groups and create a list of basic medical vocabulary and useful phrases in English and Italian, practically provide first aid and learn languages. All the activities will be carried out under the supervision of professional teachers who have rich experience in teaching students. The main aim of this project is to help students to gain needed knowledge in the field, motivate them and help them to orientate better at the labour market. The languages may help to reduce their language barriers when interested in working abroad.



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