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Kalmar county volunteer 2017
Date du début: 19 août 2016, Date de fin: 18 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project East coast volunteer 2017, involving Oskarshamn Municipality, Kalmar BTK, Opportunity House and Högsby municipality (HO), Kumulus (CO) National Centre INFORMATION POUR JEUNES, ijgd LV NRW e.V., InterAction club and réussir La Mission Locale de Lille (SO). This is a long term project to be 13 months and takes place in Oskarshamn, Emmaboda, Kalmar and Högsby. Emmaboda and Kalmar is located in the southern part of Kalmar and Oskarshamn and Högsby is located in the middle of the county. Oskarshamn is located at the coast. Kalmar County is located in southeastern Sweden. The project will have five volunteers named William Gallez, Laurent Thiry, Anton Zadorozhnyi, Leo Beyer and Theresa Klaus. They come from France, Germany, Luxembourg and Russia. The project aims to combat racism and xenophobia and to create a greater understanding of other cultures. We also want by creating a larger project attention EVS in the county. The project aims to Oskarshamn receives two volunteers, one Emmaboda and Kalmar BTK one and one in Högsby. Their main tasks are to assist in the operations and contribute their interests. Volunteers will support and relieve the business regular staff and also be responsible for and manage their own groups if they feel they can do it. The beneficiary organizations, visitors of all ages, from children and youth groups for adults and seniors, they have also disabled visitors. With this breadth of activities volunteers will get lots of experience in working with young people in particular. The volunteers will be involved in the work on developing the business, and have the opportunity to run their own projects within the business.The volunteers will develop their leadership skills, grow as people and experience a new culture, a new country and language.Our hope is that visitors to the various activities will bring new thoughts and ideas about it and how it can be developed, and new cultural experiences and approaches leading to more tolerance, less racism and xenophobia.To increase the quality of the project we will implement Youthpass. We will use Youthpass both as a tool to make informal and non-formal education for the volunteer clearly during his stay in the project, and a certificate for informal learning.



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