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Kadra podnosząca kwalifikacje otwiera uczniom "Elektronika" europejskie rynki pracy.
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context of the project: Our school is a technical school, which aims to educate students in the field of electronics, automation and computer science. Our goal is to teach in a modern way, at the highest possible level. We want our graduates to be able to find work not only on the Polish market, but also in Europe. We also want our students to have the opportunity to study at universities abroad. To achieve that, the school seeks to equalize educational opportunities for students. Development of knowledge and skills can be achieved to some extent by themselves, but the main source for the development is the school staff. Therefore, we would like to raise the professional qualifications of staff under Action 1 Erasmus +. In the future, we also plan projects under Action 2 Erasmus +. Objectives of the project: - The acquisition of language and communication skills in a foreign language; - Increasing the opportunities for growth and career; - Increasing motivation; - Improving school professional profile (English language specialist); - Improving the quality of staff work for students' benefits ; - To achieve a greater understanding and sensitivity to the diversity of social, linguistic and cultural diversity by school staff. Participants of the project and the main activities undertaken in the area of mobility: - 2 teachers of business studies, 2 teachers of mathematics, a biology teacher, a teacher of religion / theater instructor - participation in foreign language courses - English language; - 2 teachers of English - participation in specialized English courses - Business English, technical English; - 2 teachers of English - a course in Italian; - 2 teachers of English - participation in job shadowing. Selected specific activities and methodology used in the project: - Development of a plan for the implementation of such pedagogical, methodological, organizational solutions, which will contribute to the implementation of a European development plan of our school; - Completion of the pilot classes in mathematics and business studies in English and observation; - Completion of business English classes and observation. Expected results and impacts of the project: 1) The acquisition of linguistic competence by 2 teachers of business studies, 2 teachers of mathematics, biology teacher, teacher of religion / instructor of theatre. The knowledge of English will enable the participants to achieve the desired actions described in the project; 2) Increasing competence of technical and specialist language by 2 teachers of English , which will allow for training in these languages according to the profile of the school; 3) The acquisition of communicaton skills in Italian - 2 teachers of English. Knowledge of this language will be used in job shadowing, as well as in future projects, such as the Erasmus Action 2 +; 4) The implementation of new methods / techniques in the teaching process; 5) Improving the management quality of the school. The potential long-term benefits: 1) improving the quality of school work, 2) improving the quality of international cooperation, 3) continued participation in Erasmus + projects 4) deepening the idea of openness, respect and tolerance for others in all groups of recipients of the project, 5) improving the efficiency of learning English through conducting other activities in that language, 6) deepening of the European aspect of our school and the school community.



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