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KA-1 Learning Mobility of Individuals
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project involves Nova College students and staff/teachers that will intern abroad. Many will take (part of) their Aptitude Test in an international company. The project involves Senior Secondary Vocational Education students at levels 3 and 4. The experience gained during the international practical vocational training (IPVC) can help students pass this test. The students are supervised by teachers from Nova College who will stay in contact with them about their activities by phone, email, Skype and visits. Abroad an intermediary will often arrange the initial assistance to the students, see to their placement in companies for practical vocational training and to their monitoring, this, of course, in consultation with Nova College (see elsewhere in this application) The intermediary will, in many cases ensure our students’ housing and is the closest contact in case of emergencies. The intermediary will be in close contact with the teachers / unit officers of Nova College. Some objectives of the project are: Increasing understanding of (people in) other cultures and being able to (flexibly) adapt to their attitude. This gives better chances of getting work and functioning well in an international or internationally oriented company. Increasing independence and in particular independent (lifelong) learning. Learning and gaining work experience in a different (company) culture. This is a much more powerful experience than reading about it. It provides the student with the opportunity to translate his/her impressions and questions into personal learning objectives. The number of students that will complete an international internship in this project amounts to 546. The project involves students from the Departments Economics and Engineering / IT, Health, Welfare en Laboratoriumtechniek en de unit Cios. The number of staff / teachers will amount to 73. The basic assumption is that the core tasks and work processes of the Aptitude Test can be performed on the basis of the corresponding qualification file. The Engineering Department has translated all the core tasks and work processes and has discussed these in great detail with the international organizations / companies for practical vocational training. In the Department of Economics, all materials and portfolio assignments have also been written in English, in partnership with IVS Alliance and the Stichting Praktijkleren (Foundation for Practical Learning) In case of a short IPVT the IPVT should be aligned with the curriculum of the educational programs. With the receiving partner the project is discussed in detail, and the feasibility and guidance are looked into. On return, the skills acquired are checked and placed in the student tracking system. The IPVT plan, the Aptitude Test and the associated IPTV program are discussed with a representative of the host institution. Comments of the IPVT granting company (for example, based on evaluations of previous experiences) are discussed and can lead to adjustments.



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