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Juxtapositioned reflective performance enabling science and technology learning (JUXTALEARN)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2012, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

School and University students studying science and technology often encounter barriers to their understanding of complex concepts. However, unlike in the arts, students are frequently poorly motivated to overcome these barriers. Focusing on 'performance' JuxtaLearn will provoke student curiosity in science and technology through creative film making and editing activities. Computational identification of students' barriers to conceptual understanding will be overcome by scaffolded creative application of concepts in activities juxtaposed to traditional understanding. State of the art technologies will support students transferable reflections focusing on two pedagogical approaches: juxtaposition performance and reflective performance.Juxtaposition performance: JuxtaLearn ICMAs (Interactive Computer Marked Assessments) will support students' identification of threshold concepts that are their own personal barriers to understanding. Students' understanding will be enhanced by them creating personal performances through application of a theory in a formal activity and then again in a creative juxtaposed activity (e.g. physics used in music DJ-ing, chemistry occurring in kitchens, possible evolution of an alien race). New media and learning analytics of public video resources will facilitate student creative inspiration and further conceptual insight and understanding.Reflective performance: State of the art systems for automated and personalised film making and editing will support curiosity and creative expression. A deeper understanding will be reinforced through scaffolding reflections on essential elements in applying the theory. Students will, for example, be supported in instigating reflective decisions on what to film, how to film it and what and where to edit. Public displays will enable sharing and commenting of these performances thus encouraging public curiosity and a 'buzz' around specific complex concepts.



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