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Date du début: 3 mai 2016, Date de fin: 2 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CONTEXT :This project is part of the Erasmus + program, Key Action 1 : Learning Mobility of Individuals ( KA1 ) The application deadline is february 2016.The project will have a total duration of 18 months starting in May 2016.NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS :The project will involve a total of 4 volunteer aged between 17 and 30 years . This volunteers will be British, Italian and Portuguese, with:• capacity and inclination for involvement in activities with people with disabilities,people with fewer opportunities and excluded groups .• Communication skills , social skills , initiative, enthusiasm creativity.• Values and ideals of solidarity and European identity .• Sensitive to gender equality , equal opportunities.As general features , participants will have adaptability , flexibility, interest in learning , initiative, organizational skills , motivation and social skills.ACTIVITIES :-Adcor A1 : In the occupational center , in the Training Service (Day Centre and Occupational Centres), in the Training Programme for Work Integration , in other services (Family mediation and Babysitting), Leisure Service for weekend and camps during holidays ... Also in the Residential Senior Center, with older people, in occupational therapy activities.Anpa La Laguna A2 : the volunteer will collaborate during school hours with teachers in kindergarten ( 3-6 years) , especially giving support in language teaching . Other activities: animation , games, free talk , theater workshops, theater , storytelling , drama, etc ... and intercultural activities as Magosto Parties , Carnival, Galician Literature , etc .Anpa La Laguna A3 : the volunteer will collaborate during school hours with teachers in primary school ( 6-12 years) , Theater, presentations, animation games, free conversation, film workshops, plays, etc ... and intercultural activities as Magosto Parties , Carnival, Galician Literature , etc .AIND A4 : The volunteer will support the monitors and teachers in workshops and activities for people with disabilities. These activities include : cooking workshop , theater and dance workshops , sewing workshop , paint shop and graffiti , computer workshop , literary and media and communications workshop and craft room .METHODOLOGY:Non-formal learning methods, permanently flexible.EXPECTED RESULTS AND IMPACT:The different actors of the project will be essential to achieve the impact of the project. The organizations will plan and carry out different follow-up activities to achieve sustainable and lasting results. Thus, once the project is completed, the results will still be used and will have a positive impact on the greatest number of people. The impact of the project to the participants is not limited in activity, but it will be extended to other people (of the city or town, region, country and even internationally).POSSIBLE LONG TERM BENEFITS:The project will clearly be beneficial not only for volunteers, but also for the local community and the rest of all the parties involved. Regarding youth, the project will encourage them to develop new skills, gain more confidence, to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions, provide a space to develop their skills and use their strengths for the benefit of the whole community. For organizations, it adds value in both activities and the intercultural and European dimension, through contact with the volunteer, the knowledge of new realities, the exchange of experience and collaboration with institutions and persons from other countries.



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