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Just Calm Down and Enjoy Life!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

One of the most irresistable and important problem of societies is unmanagable anger. Because of this bad attitude people may find themselves in bad situations time to time. Unfortunately this feature exsists among our students too. Due to this problem, we aimed to carry out a project based on anger management and preventing from its consequences such as violence,hate speech,early school drop outs,inefficient relations and bad morality. Our priorities in this project are to help our students get free of their anger which directs them to bad habits(smoking,alcohol,drugs),early school drop outs,unefficcient human relations and bad morality.If we manage to keep them away from these negative situations,they will be able to develop some competences in many areas.They will learn to control their feelings,they will be sensitive and active citizens,they will develop better relationships with other people. Early school leaving rate will decrease because they will be more motivated to school subjects.They will like learning to learn and be more successful in school life and in future carreer afterwards.They will have the chance to meet peers from European countries,discuss their problems with them,share ideas ,cultures and lifestyles,so they will get European awareness. They will learn different languages as well as English. They will gain different skills all throughout the project process and even after they can use these skills in their lives. At the end of the project, we hope to see our students learn how to release their anger, how to cope with their problems and how to control their behaviours. With the help of the activities of project, they are expected to invert their negative feelings into positive ones,use the polite form of speech, being motivated to school life as well as social life,increase school success and decrease early school leaving. They will learn to tolerate and develop emphaty to others. We are doing this project on the international platform because this is a very common problems of societies. As schools are the keystones of the society, it is important to make alterations from this step. There are four partner schools in this project. All partners were choosen according to their students’ age level, backgrounds, opportunities and behaviours. But having the similar anger problems is the most important factor in selection of partners. We are planing to make three transnational meetings to monitor the project management. Three LLTAs are planned to involve students in different kinds of activities related to the topic. 7 students and 2 teachers will attend LTTAs. The local activities we will do: Creating an Erasmus+ corner at schools, organize a logo contest, making a web site, arranging seminars, preparing international dictionaries, booklets, posters, broshures,calendars, calm-down&anger boxes,treeking,powerpoint presentations, exhibitions.We aim to take attention of all students,parents and local people to the project we are doing with these activities. The activities will mainly be student centered. Teachers will be only the councellors of the activities. We want them experience and learn by doing and discovering. Emphatyzing will be a very important feature we want them gain.Team work,peer assessment and self-assessment will be the other methodology that will be promoted during the process. At the end of the project the participants are expected to change their bad behaviours, to retain from bad habits(alcohol,cigarette,drugs etc.),to be active citizens,to decrease early school leaving thus increase school success and number of university entrance.They will have the chance to develop foreign language competence,European awareness,tolerance to other cultures. Disemination of the project will be provided by the schools’ and project’s own websites , social Networks, Erasmus+ corner, seminars, brochures, booklets, posters, local media.The more we disseminate the outputs,the better society we have. At the end of the project, the positive effects of it on our partners and target groups (students,families,local people etc.) will continue by arranging our project’s outcomes reachable and durable via e-twinning,our mutual web site,educational and social sites. The seminars on anger management and the other problems will be always organized by our school and there will be always unity with our local municipality about these problems. There will be a publicity and informing meetings about these kinds of problems periodically. We will always get in touch with our partners, counsellor and specialists to expand the effects of our project and have the notice of the practical and innovative approaches about our problem and project.



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