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Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

JUMP TO EUROPE is a project designed for enhancing IES HELIOPOLIS's international scope , that has some experience on the matter as a consecquence of the specific participation in other projects the aims of the project are:- To develop an international dimension of the Centre- To improve the offer- To offer the possibility for some students of doing international internships that will be validated as FCT and with validation through EUROPASS system tools - To fund these experiences- To improve our students' employability- To promote languages learning- To Develop cross competences, both personal and professional- To update and improve trainers' competences- To acquire competences on the management of European projects The project will include:- 9 week international internships for 20 students from the last year of vocational training studies. Participants will go to Germany, Lithuania, United Kingdom and Italy. the experience will be validated by EUROPASS system tool and FCT (in Spain)- 1 week job shadowing in Italy (3 participants) and Germany (3 participants), with the objective of learning about new methodologies, ideas and experiences regarding the internships of local students in local companiesProfessional sectors will be: Gastronomy, Toursim, Catering sector, Office management, and ElectronicsJUMP TO EUROPE will carry out mobilities in may and june 2017, but activities will start two months before when participants will be selected. There will be an extensive pedagogic and intercultural preparation of the participants. there will be some innovative tools and iniciatives that will work on minimise the risk associated to this experiences for young people with low language skills.all the project long, a TIC platform will be used for communication and documentation management, that will allow every participant to have and verify any information Phases of the project will be:- Call and selection - Preparatopm- Mobilities- Evaluation y awarding- Disemination (in every phase)



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