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JUMP! " Join Useful Management Programme"
Date du début: 12 déc. 2011,

The aim of this training course is to gather organizations from EU, EEC and SEE countries to discuss and compare different designs of growth and inclusion plans that will ultimately give more opportunities to young people to participate in youth associations and therefore in society. Our objectives are: to equip young leaders with the skills needed to develop and manage youth work and organizations; to strengthen their capacities and increase their potential to become decision-makers in their associations; to create a network of leaders for future support and cooperation. Participants will gain skills in assessing society and understanding young people needs, designing programs and managing structures that match young people expectations and in writing a growth inclusive plan for the nominating organization. The plans will then be implemented in the nominating organizations. The program delivery will include training and expert sessions on societal youth trends, research and youth needs assessment as well as workshop on participatory program and project management, change management, succession planning and youth participation in decision making.Ample room will also be given to get to know each other, to exchange best practices, to discuss specificities of EU, EEC and SEE in learning how to understand young people actual needs, how to design programs that encourage the participation of young men and young women from different backgrounds and how to ensure young people actively participate in the design and implementation of the programs. “JUMP” will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. It will involve 43 participants from 33 different organizations, from 28 different countries.



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