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Jumelage Calvados - Basse-Franconie
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project "Jumelage Calvados - Basse Franconie" aims at permitting a young person interested in intercultural exchanges and who comes from our twinned region, Lower Franconia, to live a12 months experience of European Voluntary Service at the Calvados County Council (Europe and international department). The activities of the volunteer come under three categories: - preparation and participation to European activities of the Europe and international department (organisation of European cultural activities : Europe Day for pupils, Franco-German youth video festival, European meetings of exchange of experience...); - European awareness (cultural activities about his/her country , his/her region, his/her experience as volunteer provided during meetings with young people during forums, exhibitions or other European events, or during meetings with elected representatives, with people who are in charge of youth policy). The taste, willingness and skills of the volunteer will be taken into consideration in the creation of the programme . The activities of the volunteer will take place in the Calvados area. Our project will have an effect on: - the volunteer (better knowledge of European issues, of his/her own culture, of the way a French local authority works, of Education in France, of the associative system, better awareness of the cultural wealth and the diversity of the European cultures but also of the obstacles and problems due to these differences, awareness of the lack of interest of young people for Europe and motivation to share his/her experience and convince the others, acquisition of autonomy, facility to speak in front of a public (even in a foreign language), wish of heading for other cultures); - partner organisations (cultural wealth of the organisations which send and welcome volunteers); - target groups of the project (pupils, students, youth associations or youth departments of city councils, elected representatives, twinning committee members): better knowledge of mobility opportunities offered by Europe, particularly for young people, encouragement to live an experience abroad, to go to meet other cultures, encouragement to learn foreign languages, better knowledge of the German culture and language, incitement to set up activities of European openness and to catch the European Voluntary Service adventure. Generally, our project contributes to a better knowledge of Europe and to the open-mindedness of the Calvados citizens to European cultures.



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