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Jugendliche und politische Machtgestaltung - Realitäten und Visionen
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

POWER is a training program for 46 youth workers from 7 countries of the European Union. The project is meant for young people who wants to improve their EU's competences (skills / abilities ) and potential (action deals , networks ) based on the pre-accession and integration of young people in the political power structures ( political youth participation ) . The target group of our activity are young people who are active at the local level of their countries. The center point of the project are political approaches of young people at local level. Political participation in this context includes both, the involvement in primary power structures such as local parliaments ( city council meetings / advisory boards ... ) as well as the involvement in extra-parliamentary bodies and initiatives ( youth organizations, citizens' movements ... ) . The main activity of the project, which starts on 01/09/2015, is a seminar which takes place from 15 till 22/11/2015 . The participants should exchange experiences, present and evalutate the concepts of their different best practices from their every day political participation in local power structures. Furthermore we want to improve the strategies of the political youth participation. We will invite experts who can give advices to the participants, how to develop and improve political action strategies for young people who wants to change society. During the follow up ( till 31/01/2016) the partner organisations of the project are meant to transfer the outcome of the training to the members of their organisations, to the regional movements and to national organisations/bodies. The aim of the activity is to support youth sucessful in the field of youth participation in political structures. As a result of the training, participants will promote effective, youth in political participation, including through acquired skills such as improved understanding of the political intentions of young people , expand knowledge of forms and instruments of a self-determined political youth participation , etc., and developed potentials ( e.g. with the project resulting international networks in the field of youth political participation and the techniques developed by the project activity opportunities for young people in the area of political participation) . Location of the training is the Education Center Kurt Löwenstein near Berlin (DE ) .



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