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"Jugendliche für Europa - Europa für Jugendliche"
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Europahaus in Aurich has hosted two European volunteers form 01.09.2014 till 31.07.2015. During this time the volunteers worked and participated in different seminars and activities in our education centre, especially in those which are foreseen for our young guests. The volunteers main tasks were to help with the planning, preparation, implementation and evaluation of our national and international seminars for young people. These seminars handle especially topics like Europe, xenophobia, participation, and ecology. In addition to that the European volunteers also cooperated with our German volunteers (FÖJ), who completed their ecological voluntary service at the Europahaus in Aurich. The volunteers got familiar with ecological themes, participated in ecologically orientated seminars and gave their hand in practical orientated tasks in the Garden of the Europahaus. One of our volunteers has worked for two days per week at a so called Europe-School in the neighbourhood, implemented elements of non-formal education and will got an insight view on to a German school. In addition to that new initiation and maintenance of existing international contacts, particularly in the new EU member states and associated countries been part of the tasks of the volunteers. According to the interest and knowledge of the volunteers, each of them took responsibility for tasks, (e.g. getting to know each other games in seminars,Workshops etc.). and theme areas (e.g. new media, ecology etc.) which are relevant for the work at the Europahaus. Also dealing with renewable energies (Aurich has one of the worlds largest wind turbine manufacturer) and the Wadden Sea ecosystem has played a role in the work of the volunteers. (National park wadden sea is situated 30km away from Aurich).



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