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Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The source of this proposal is two youth encounters, already carried out by the agency this year, during which the impact of future international youth encounters between Spanish, Danish and German youths has been discussed.The main focus for the teenagers is on two topics: to experience and invigorate international cooperation, and to deal with youth unemployment in the three partner countries. Causes and effects will be discussed, and perspectives will be shared and reflected upon. Dealing with different people in foreign working environments and living situations might lead to them reviewing their own perspectives and typical patterns. To reveal this potential in young people, and implement this for their own living situations and working lives, is the primary aim of future international youth encounters.Connected to this process is the preparation of a strategic partnership, which promotes the embedding of enterprising action and sustainable management amongst young adults.With the PANAMA project we recommend three youth encounters in this context: one in Spain, the next one in Denmark and the last one in Germany. The duration will be from one week up to three weeks. Each of these encounters will be made available to 20 young adults who are looking for an employment and educational perspective. Participants from all the origin countries have very different educational qualifications, as well as social and cultural backgrounds. These range from lacking a school-leaving qualification up to a university degree, from a refugee family up to “well-off homes”. One part of the German group will be supported to find their career plan by the project agency; the majority of the Spanish participants will be engaged in different self-help projects to boost employment. These projects will be accompanied by the Spanish partner organisation. For the Danish counterparts, there is a production school that acts as a partner for career preparations.The aim of the project is clear through the outlined framework: the encounters should support the “cooperative decision-making responsibility” of all participants. Their self-confidence, their creativity and their mutual responsibility will be enhanced through joint action in exceptional circumstances. The project puts its methodical emphasis on practical activities and appreciation of the effects. Related work experience will be encountered, explorations will be carried out, and ideas for the project or employment will be moulded through heterogeneous groups.The emphasis of PANAMA is the exchange of social and personal skills, as well as participation in social and political processes.• Feelings and social relations keywords: emotion and interactions, conflict resolution strategies.• Language, communication and media keywords: language acquisition, language skills, multilingualism, interpersonal communication, information and communication technologies, media education, media skills, internet safety.• Creativity and culture keywords: creative and sculptural design, music, dance, performing arts, drama, film, photography, graffiti, literature, cultural education, youth cultures.• Environment and technology keywords: nature, ecology, sustainable development, to experiment, understanding of technology.• Value orientation, democracy, participation and intercultural keywords: values and norms, children’s rights, participation, democracy, self-determination, assumption of responsibility, decision-making structures, political education, international mobility, intercultural competencies, diversity, intercultural open-mindednessThe results of the encounters lead to a separated view (an inner and an outer perspective) on the young people’s life situations locally, and on a joint development of career opportunities on both sides.At the end of the exchange is a public presentation of mutual experiences and conclusions, given to a small public audience close to the three project locations.The particular value of this encounter is the active involvement of all participants and the integration of the results of the exchange in the personal and vocational stabilisation of the young adults in the long term.



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