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Jugend in Europa: Berufliche Möglichkeiten in Lettland und Deutschland
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In our project „Jugend in Europa: Berufliche Möglichkeiten in Lettland und Deutschland/Youth in Europe: Occupational possibilities in Latvia and Germany“ 30 youngsters (15 from each country, 15-18 years old) get to do the possibility to get to know an foreign country, to make cross-intercultural experiences and to build an understanding for youngsters and families from another European culture.The Latvian youngsters come from Valmiera which is a city 50 km away from Riga. From 29.06.-08.07.2016 these youngsters will work together with the German youngsters to the topic “Occupational possibilities”. Beside this project work there will be a side program which shows the area around Verl and Gütersloh. From the 07.10.-16.10.2016 the 15 - 18 years old German youngsters are going to visit Latvia. Based on the first meeting they will work together with deepening questions to the topics.The aim of the project is, that the youngsters are getting inspired of Europe. They are going to extend their key competences and international competences like tolerance, ability to work in a team, personal responsibility and their consciousness for a combined Europe. This is connected with strengthening of the social solidarity between young people in the EU, by learning together and building an international network. Their foreign language competence will get better and their knowledge about work and professional will be improved. The youngsters receive the Youth Pass to validate the competences acquired by the participants during their experiences abroad. Unprivileged youngsters will be especially asked for this project and included in this project.Also the four Teamer (2 of each country), who are taking care for the youngsters, will extend their intercultural competences. They improve their understanding of the context between formal and non-formal learning. The organizations which are participating will be better qualified to work in European or international dimensions. They will share their know-how with experts and colleagues in their organization. The Latvia and German youngsters will create the project work to the topic “Occupational possibilities together”. They are going to mark and work on their own key points. These key points are different in the different kind of projects but they should all meet the topic of different cultures. The Teamer will support the youngsters during their project work. The program is going to create together with the young people and will be based on their needs. Through the active participation the youngsters from both countries can bring in their skills and interests. The youngsters should also deal with the moblile possibilities, which the EU provides for young people and citizens. They should recognize which impact the EU has on them and their social environment. They shall feel real EU-citizsen with a EU-identity and a responsibility for each other. Mayby they start a honorary activity in their city.Through the stay in a foreign country the youngsters are get to know similarities, differences and cultural specifics. This should let to a review an reduction of prejudices. The results of the project work should be present at the end of the stay.The youngsters are going to live in hosting families. They will be connected with the social environment in the foreign country.The youngsters should use their new-acquired skills in their social environment at home and should advertise for other intercultural exchanges. They are designated multiplier. They can use this to get better chances for their career. The results of the project are shown in a presentation. There will be also some information provided for the press. Both organizations will display the results in their home area and they will connect the results with other parts of their work, for example with education of families and youth and with local schools (Synergie). Both organizations will relay the results of this project to other stakeholders of international youth work. This project will promote the international orientation of both partnerorganizations.



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