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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will be developed in Plasenzuela Torreorgaz in the different collectives of the village. The low job offer makes the very high level of unemployment, youth study at the Institute of Trujillo and Montánchez and some in university in Cáceres In the project will particpant 4 volunteers fron letonia and Itali, GErmany The activities that will be developed are diverse in the socio-educational area, nonformal mainly as cultural, environmental activities, and outdoor sports, animation in library and different workshops with youth, women and older people, etc. Activities last 12 month of 14 month project. METHODOLOGY In all activities we will use methodology based on respect by people and the differences between them, personal development; and learning by doing creative tools and techniques that serve for integrity of the intelligence of the people and not just the intellectual aspects. So in this way participants learn through their own life experience. Participatory, inclusive and opened method. OBJECTIVES -Promote participation of women in the various activities of the village -Increase active participation of youth in the municipalities of Plasenzuela Torreorgaz and region in social, cultural and civic life of the village. - Promote healthy lifestyle through outdoor sport and organic farming practices - The development of the culture of "volunteering" both in our local context, as in the overall European - Value enhancement and recognition of non-formal education programs - Promoting the feeling of belonging to a local community Plasenzuela Torreorgaz and Montanchez Tamuja region as a global community of Europe - Increased self-esteem and feeling of belonging to a local community, active and dynamic, offering opportunities (through local and international experiences) to its neighbors, especially to the youth - Greater cohesion and communication between sociocultural entities of the municipality and surrounding areas IMPACT Locally, the increased participation of women, youth and associations, is achieved through the knowledge of participation model involving European volunteers in the community. European volunteers will serve as a "model to imitate" for young people of the village in personal development and active participation in the community. Both role model for young people who are already working in Acción Rural activities, and for those who still do not and through this new person in the municipality could be encouraged to participate more actively. Therefore, locally will be experimented an increase participation of youth and adolescents in the activities proposed in the municipality. At the regional level, we would like to employ the results of this project to propose volunteer projects (local and European) in other nearby locations in the region. Therefore, we hope that this project, as has already been previous EVS projects, have multiplier results of the experience for young people from other nearby municipalities. Internationally, through prolonged coexistence with people from a different origin, we try to encourage the exchange between cultures and the feeling of belonging to Europe. Youth preselected as volunteers will work equally with different groups of young people present in the locality, which also encourage the youth groups that currently are not in contact, may have a bridge between them (as example can be cited youth living in different villages of the region Montanchez Tamuja and generally do not know each other despite living very close). And also will attract towards youth activities to groups of boys and girls who do not currently participate in them. Long term and counted with very positive experience in this area in previous years, and hopes to have good practice and results in this, due to the different participation of groups, we will continue this project, presenting in other villages of region Extremadura



4 Participants partenaires