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Journ@lism 2day
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Journ@lism 2day" is a long-term project promoted by Cooperativa Sociale Muovimente within the frame of the European Programme Erasmus+. The project focuses on Backpack Journalism (BPJ) as a tool of activating young people, especially young people with fewer opportunities (specifically unemployed young people). The aim of the project is to explore how Backpack Journalism (BPJ) can be used as a tool for social change and to inspire and motivate youth workers to use BPJ in their local youth work, as well as to equip them with knowledge and practical skills for BPJ. The project has among its objectives to explore and identify how BPJ can be used as a tool for young people both in their personal and professional life and to increase employability of young people through developing BPJ skills such as media literacy, communication skills, responsibility, team work, sense of initiative. Also, it wants to promote active citizenship, participation of young people and responsability to make change in the society and community. The project will be structured in four phases: 1. A preparation phase (September-December 2014); 2. A training course in Sermugnano, Italy, to develop competence among youth workers and show them in details how to use the BPJ methodology (11th - 18th January 2015); 3. An implementation and experiential phase, during which the participants will implement a number of projects using the BPJ methodology in their local dimension, supported and coached by the team of trainers (February-June 2015); 4. A second international meeting in Sermugnano, Italy, which will have both an evaluation and a training dimension and will serve as an opportunity to discuss and work on a potential follow-up (19th - 25th July 2015). The project will involve 28 participants and 4 staff members from 8 different countries (Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Netherlands, Slovenia, Georgia and Hungary).



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