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Journalism Network of European Youth
Date du début: 5 août 2015, Date de fin: 4 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Jour.N.E.Y leaves from these considerations: the widespread presence of prejudices between difference cultures, the need to educate people especially young to go out of stereotypes and to inform themselves of what is happening around them. The project idea is that to help 21 Young between 18 to 25 years old to discover the culture of different countries participating to the project, and involve them to be always informed about what is happing in their realities (local territorial, country and Europe in general) to have the possibility to participate actively at democratic life. In the project is possible to distinguish 3 main phases: Preparatory phase; the exchange; the communication and dissemination of the project. The first phase that will start on the middle of June all partners will work to share the games that will help in the realization of the exchange. During this period coordinator and partner will select the participants to the exchange. The coordinator will be, also, responsible of organization of the exchange ( booking of flights; transports to the place of exchange, meals). Partners will contribute these activities by communicate all the necessary information’s as for example possible food intolerance problems of participant. The exchange will take place from the 21 to 27 th of October 24 Young 5 for each partner + 1 leader will play to be journalists and reporters that have to write different kind of articles: gossip, political articles, crime and folklore. Trough Journalism participants will have the possibility to interview young of other nationalities and to know their culture. They will learn to respect other culture, to work in team and they will acquire some technical competences of journalism. They will also visit the local newspaper Radio verde to immerse themselves in the world of journalism.



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