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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Dum deti a mladeze DUHA is situated in Usti nad Orlici which is a small town, where children and young people have few opportunities to meet other culture. They have only few possibilities to use their school language knowledge. For that reason we think that personal contact with a volunteer will help children and young people to realise the importance of studying foregin languages. We will prepare opportunities for meeting other culture by regullar contact with the volunteer. Our organisation was founded by the Town Usti nad Orlici for preparing activities for leasure time for children and youth in the town. DDM DUHA prepare weekly 60 lessons for about 750 children at the age of 5 to 15, we also prepare activities for adults. The project is prepared for one volunteer for a long-term project for 12 months. The main topics are cultural and sport activities in Dum deti a mladeze DUHA in Usti nad Orlici. We prepared many and various activities for the volunteer. Our volunteer will participate in regullar, irregullar activities and summer camps in Dum deti a mladeze. She can take part in many sports, language lessons, she can learn some administrative work. At first she will see all the activities and then she can decide which activities she is interested in. The she will work as an assistant of the teacher, she can prepare some materials, games and other activities. Every volunteer´s activity is welcome. We belive that according the title of the project "JOIN US!" the volunteer will join all the activities we prepare. Twice a week she will help in the club “KAMIN” for children from excluded localities, she will help in outdoor centre where we prepare climbing activities for pupils and students. Twice a week she join the spanish conversation lessons in Grammar school. The project is divided into regullar, irregullar activities during school year and summer activities. The coordinator of the project will prepare weekly programme for the volunteer and together they will evaluate the last week. The volunteer will be in contact with the mentor. The members in DDM will have opportunity to meet the volunteer regularly, learn about other culture, study foreign languages. Great benefit will be brought to students during spanish conversation lessons. During EVS the volunteer will meet inhabitans of the town during the activities we prepare with the other organizations in the town. We will organize a meeting for the public with the other volunteers who lives near Usti nad Orlici. During EVS the volunteer will gain many skills, in working area - preparation and realization of the activities in DDM, also in communication - every day contact in DDM, in personal area - living in the foreing country, solving everyday situation, and communication in the town. She can also develop her skills in the field of informal education in lesson we prepare for adults (for example: ceramics, pilates, English lessons, climbing). EVS can enrich all participating sides in many ways, it depends on everybody how they will make a profit of it.



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