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Jobline - Assessment of European On-the-job Learning

In order to address on-the-job learning as a part of European student exchanges for young people, the project aims to develop both a handbook for instructors and an interactive e-learning portfolio for students.Having benchmarked individual partners practice as regards on-the-job learning during student exchanges, two products will be developed, evaluated, and distributed, namely, a handbook on how to organise and evaluate on-the job learning (and how to guide and assess participants) and an interactive student portfolio and supporting e-learning platform covering key skills, personal development and curriculum-related objectives and further providing individual student assignments and on-line communication tools. Project partners include vocational training bodies as well as employers in the public, private and trade union sectors, all of which are continuously involved in mobility projects and student exchanges.Organisations within the partner networks will be kept constantly informed of project process and will be both provided with interim outputs and involved in the evaluation of the tools through use of an on-line questionnaire. At the end of the project, the supporting e-learning environment and a demonstration version of the student portfolio will be freely available to all, however, the handbook will be promoted as a priced publication and access rights to use the e-learning environment will be further considered for commercialisation. All end products/results will be promoted via existing partner networks and the project website.