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Job Shadowing at the Lappeenranta University of Technology - Prof. Helena Sjögren
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT: In the course of my job shadowing at the Lappeenranta University of Technology, I shadowed Prof. Helena Sjögrén, a Professor at the School of Business and Management and observed interesting and innovative teaching and project management practices including entrepreneurial materials, unique methods, new databases, and "fresh" tools on a European level for my future projects. Throughout the job shadowing, we had a lot of face-to-face workshops dedicated to discussing entrepreneurial thinking and orientation. While guiding her in her daily activities I actively presented hands-on activities about current and planned projects to identify and discuss potential cooperation opportunities and synergies in the context of the job shadowing period. Lessons learned and know-how transfer by exchanging experiences were essential elements of my job shadowing. I increased my knowledge in the sphere around entrepreneurial orientation from a high-profile expert and Professor immense. Additionally, I structured several academic articles with her (e.g. “Entrepreneurial orientation and performance - are sexes equal?”). Through this job shadowing a sustainable and trusting foundation for an ongoing cooperation and long term collaboration has been build. This mobility built the basis for my habilitation project at the Lappeenranta University of Technology. OBJECTIVES: In the course of the job shadowing I gained knowledge through several interviews, discussions, and workshops. My visit to Prof. Helena Sjögrén at the Lappeenranta University of Technology offered the unique possibility to get a profound insight into international academic projects and know how (project structure, sequence, processes, plans, risk management, problems, communication tools, dissemination and exploitation, evaluation tools, didactics, methodology, used databases, web-based E-learning tools, software and other innovative new methods, instruments and models for teaching entrepreneurship). A sustainable aim was to transfer the know how to new curricula of my entrepreneurial projects, my adult learners' trainings, seminars, and workshops in Austria. Finally, this aim was reached through a web-based follow-up project, which will be used as teaching tool-kit for adult learner to increase their entrepreneurial thinking. PARTICIPANT: As sole trader just I - Dr. Katharina Fellnhofer (1 female person) - participated this mobility. In 2010 I established my company after my PhD studies. After writing my dissertation I founded a small business. Beside my trainings and entrepreneurial education seminars I am active as a web entrepreneur with two web projects: an agricultural platform and the E-learning platform The visit to Prof. Helena Sjögrén enriched my structured web-based courses dedicated to entrepreneurship, where entrepreneurial stories build the core element to inspire my adult learners target group respectively female and elder participants and finally boost their entrepreneurial thinking and orientation in their daily activities. ACTIVITIES: Shadowing and interviewing Prof. Helena Sjögrén. We had several hands-on workshops with milestones. All my questions regarding new methods (e.g. analysis), tools (e.g., software), materials (e.g., books, case studies, etc.), new databases (EBSCO), seminars (e.g. for special target groups), trainings, experience, and lesson learned in past European projects have been answered satisfactorily. My long run goal to identify cooperation projects for a future collaboration with her has been definitely reached because I have structured several dissemination activities (e.g., papers, etc.) with her. METHODOLOGY: Observed in the course of personal interviews and workshops I got answers to following questions: (1) How can academic and business cooperate in a creative and successful manner? (2) What special skills, competences, tools, databases, ideas, software, games, models, studies, results, evaluation tools, plans, experience and methods are used in academic seminars, trainings, R&D projects, and European projects with respect to entrepreneurship education? (3) What about our future? Through brainstorming and evaluating cooperation and collaboration ideas we built a sustainable foundation for future projects. IMPACT: The desired impact that I implement the new learned and discussed methods and materials in-class, in my trainings, in my seminars, and workshops has been reached. I have already used all gained information, tools and knowledge for ongoing European projects. Additionally, at an international level I was able to prepare narratives of several businesses and wide spread them diverse channels. Tangible results were the improvement of my practical E-learning tools and materials for my courses and seminars. Intangible results included knowledge and experience gained, increased skills, competences, and achievements.