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Job Placements app
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Recent European studies and partners experience have shown a shortage of soft skills among the students entering the labour market. The current labour market needs require new approaches and methods to get the necessary qualified work force. The aim of the project is to reinforce these skills through the direct application of the innovation model and tool, JOPAPP (job placements app), in the implementation of the module called "job placement", in which students spend a training period working in a company abroad. Nowadays, students do not seek their own work practices, it is the center who looks for, manages and develops the whole process. The student should lead the development of this process, they should be the driving engine of their own learning process, which would develop their soft skills such as a positive attitude, good communication skills, time management abilities, strong work ethic, problem solving skills, self-confidence, flexibility and adaptability, working well under pressure, competences for innovation in VET students. This JOPAPP model implements the contents and best practices of the RAINOVA model, previous European project, adapting it to a learning environment and creating a Manual of Implementation for teachers and counselors and creating an innovative app to guide students through the process of finding their work placement. Our intellectual outcomes include: O1. The bridge - Diagnosis report. The bridge is a set of tools for diagnosis, reflexion, measurement and learning that allows the organisation to move from standard model to "my model". O2. Rainova in the classroom. A shared vision of innovation is the identification of the relations between the different parts of the model, routines, enablers and cultural factors as well as a glossary of terms related with innovation. JOPAPP training material. O3. JOPAPP, mobile application for students. O4. Manual of JOPAPP To reach these outcomes the partnership will follow a set of activitites for the best implementation of the project, project management and development, Project website, brochure, newsletter and logo, Dissemination and exploitation plan, Quality and evaluation. The project dissemination will be done using project website as well as partners' website. The relevance of the project for the stakeholders makes necessary to disseminate it to VET colleges, to reach trainers and students. VET associations in each country will be the driver to reach this goal, as well as education innovation centers where possible, where the focus on innovative tools and methodologies is researched. All partners are committed to share the knowledge gained through the project with all the relevant stakeholders, specially trainers/counselors and students associations will be addressed. The partnership is working closely with Rainova's coordinator ( for the project development and implementation.



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